Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Little Mermaid...

This is my beautiful daughter Jessie modeling the mermaid jewelry I finally finished. 
Remember the soap commercial about the mothers and daughters hands? I didn't buy that soap so  I am sure you can figure out why I didn't take pictures of the gauntlets with my hands in them!    Mermaid not sea witch!!! 

My original design was going to have the gauntlet pieces on the back of the bib necklace but I didn't like the way they hung so they morphed into the gauntlets.  I burned the organza since this photo so it looks more like seaweed and there is a pair of drop earrings that mimic the tassels coming out of the conch shell in the center of the necklace.  I live in the desert and it is winter so there is no oceanic background.    - LOL- use your imagination!!