Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mad Bunny Baskets!*!

Inspired by a crochet newsletter I made these little 
Mad Bunny Baskets.  
Why are they mad you ask?

 Well you would be too if you had to carry around an Easter Egg as Big as You! 
I crocheted the baskets with 100% cotton yarn and a size g hook 
so they would be a little stiff and stand up.
The little mad eyes, nose, whiskers and mouth are embroidered on. 
The eggs are crocheted in the round over plastic hollow eggs 
(only 50 cents a bag at Walmart) 
using variegated pink and green sock yarns 
and lots of fun little bobbles and flower shapes to make them perfect for Spring!  

They have little hangers so that they can be displayed on those ever popular Easter trees 
or any other place you would like to display them. 
These were gifts for some of my lady friends,
 with a few chocolate kisses tucked in the baskets of course. 
If I get my act together maybe I will make some more 
to sell in my Etsy shop next year. 
It's a little too late now. 
Happy Easter and Spring to you all!!  
Leave a comment and I will enter you into 
You could win 
these little spring flower beads!
There are 6 of them left.
I will randomly choose a winner 
next Saturday, April 14th. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I apologize for my rather long absence from the Blogosphere. 
 I have been busy preparing and training for my new job.  
Yes, after two years I have finally landed a job!  
Woooo Hoooo!! 
I will be working at Opportunity Village, 
an organization that provides jobs and services 
for adults with disabilities.  
I will start as a Direct Care On Call staff person 
and hopefully end up working 
in their wonderful Arts and Enrichment Program. 
 I am both ecstatic and a little overwhelmed with new information.  
We have had two full days of orientation and training so far 
and one more tomorrow. 
I am so grateful for this opportunity which brings me back 
almost full circle to my original dream 
of having a career in Music Therapy.  
I drifted from this original plan 
due to factors in and out of my control 
but I feel so much better prepared at this point in my life 
because of all my diverse experiences; 
music, arts and crafts, theater,dance... 
I will try to keep blogging but honestly 
I may not have the time to post weekly 
so thank you to all my faithful followers.  
I will never give up my passions for all the arts 
I have been dabbling in the last 8 years 
but I may not be quite as productive. 
Hopefully you will still stop by and say hi, 
I have so enjoyed all the friendships I have made online.  
Love to you all!  Heather