Sunday, December 18, 2011

One of many pairs....

It has been wonderful to have a model for my wearable fiber items.
Have to say everything looks better on a person. 
I am so fortunate to have found Riana, 
a bubbly young woman who enjoys being photographed 
and playing dress up with all my creations.
Here is one more design and I have a brand new one I will add later. 
I am waiting for the sun to come up so I can photograph my new
Crocodile Stitch Fingerless Gloves.  
This Purple and Green Variegated Pair is made with 
Soy yarn, very soft to the touch. 
I am completely baffled by the problem I had last week 
uploading pictures and the error message from google.  
Seems like everything is back to normal today.  
Perhaps my little fairy, Nadine has been playing with my Blog at night?@!
I was so focused on my Artist's Boutique that Christmas has snuck up on me again this year. 
 I think I missed the deadline for shipping things in time for the holiday
I am going to keep listing new items as I edit my photos.

Do you have a friend who loves handmade items 
but you are not sure what to choose for them?
Let them choose their own gift!

I am having a special on Gift Certificates in my etsy shops this week. 
Buy a $10 gift certificate for a gift and get $5 off any item you purchase.
Buy a $25 gift certificate and get $10 off any item you purchase. 
Buy a $50 gift certificate and get $20 off any item you purchase. 
you can convo me with special orders and choose your favorite colors. 
I have lots of gloves I haven't photographed yet- ask me about those- 
hopefully they will get done tomorrow morning.  
The elves had to watch the Patriots Game today!! 
Yay Pats! 

Have a wonderful week - Heather

Saturday, December 10, 2011

To Blog or not to Blog....

The Good news-
First of all I chose a winner- 
Beth from EB Metalworks shared her inspiration thoughts 
and won the crochet cuff in my Giveaway last week.  
Congrats to Beth!! 

The Bad News-
Now I have fiddled all morning with Google conversations 
trying to figure out why I suddenly got a message 
saying I have reached my storage limit 
and can no longer upload pictures.  
This is very frustrating and really google, 
shame on you !
in this economy you decide to take advantage of your customers 
with no notice and suddenly require payment for extra storage.  Especially right now during the holiday season-
 Bah Humbug!! 

If anyone has more info about how to rectify this situation 
please get in touch with me.  
For now I have to leave you with a pictureless post.  
I have officially nicknamed 
Google -
 "The Grinch"!! 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weather or Not...

Due to our wonderful Las Vegas windy and cold weather 
I had to reschedule a second photo shoot with Reanna my new model.  
I am hoping the wind will die down for a Monday morning shoot.  
I am behind listing new items on Etsy because they look so much nicer on a human being. 
(And especially one without goose neck and age spots for sure!!)
I can't wait to show you my new boa scarves made with a 
a really wonderful new yarn Bodega by Trendsetter Yarns.
Here is a peek at the yarn.
I had a wonderful surprise this week, 
an email from Barb Delaney, assistant editor for Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine.
She notified me that she was returning my Mixed Media Jewelry entries
 for the 2012 Artisan Search for which I was chosen as a finalist
and that they had photographed one piece to include in the Jan 2012 issue. 
This is my second publication this year- so exciting!! 
I can't wait to receive my magazine!! 
I don't know which one they chose. 
These were my entries:
My "Ophelia Cuff" inspired by the Art Bead Scene Challenge based on a painting - "Ophelia" by Redon
"Peacock Necklace"-Inspired by Nature; Feathers Challenge presented by Humblebeads 
"Woodland Fairy Bib Necklace"- Inspired by Nature- Forest Floor Challenge - Humblebeads

"Woodland Fairy Cuff"- Inspired by Nature Challenge- Humblebeads

I want to thank the Art Bead Scene staff and Heather Powers at Humblebeads 
for providing the challenges that inspired me to create these pieces. 
Where do you get your inspiration? 
I just finished reading an article in the new Polymer Arts Magazine by 
Christi Friesen about Creativity.  
She is spot on with her advice on how to get inspired and stay inspired.
How do you tap or feed your creative nature?
Send me your ideas in a comment 
and I will enter you in this
One of a Kind Crocheted Winter White
with Red-Orange Flower and Green Leaves Cuff
I will randomly choose a winner next Saturday, Dec 10th 
and ship it in time for the holidays! 
The white yarn is part elastic so it stretches to fit 6 to 8 inch wrists.
Get your comments in by Friday Dec 9th at midnite!! 
I also want to thank all my new customers 
who made my sales at the Artist's Boutique the best I have had so far!! 
I hope you all enjoy your new hats, scarves, fingerless gloves and cuffs. 
Have a Great Week!! 
Heather- Aquariart

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meet Reanna, my new model!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 
 I for one have so much to be grateful for 
and fresh in my heart is my wonderful volunteer model, Reanna. 
Reanna is a 22 year old College Gal studying to become a Nurse. 
We took a ride out to Red Rock and took pictures on a couple of the trails. 
The rock backgrounds and shrubbery were fabulous.  
It was clouded over so even though the photos were a bit bright 
we were able to spend a lot more time than usual 
and avoid the harsh shadows of our usual desert sun.  
Here are some of the fabric scarves I made for my Artist Boutique Sale- 
and retakes of the Raggedy Bags I have left ON SALE for $15- 
I will be listing these items this week in my Aquariart Etsy shop

Mini Blues Scarf
Maxi Blues Scarf
Turquoise Plaid Scarf
Blue-Green Boa Scarf
Magenta Burn-out Organza Scarf
Desert Paint Ruffle Scarf
Purple Haze Organza Boa Scarf
Red Haze Organza Boa Scarf
Fiesta Ribbon Hairpin Lace Scarf 
My own design- Zig Zag Scarf in Soy Silk blend
Flower Lady Raggedy Bag
Southwest Hued Raggedy Bag
Lovin' Lavender Raggedy Bag
Garden Delight Raggedy Bag
Come on back to see more next week!  
Heather - Aquariart

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today and tomorrow- My Artist's Boutique!!

Well it is all set up and I am ready to go today so this is a very brief post.
tick tock, 
tick tock, 
now it is Tuesday already.....

The Artist's Boutique was outstanding, the exact kind of people I need to find.
It was very successful and profitable and I am so greatful for that. 
Also I found a model for my wearable art. 
had a fabulous photo shoot out at Red Rock with my new model-Reanna,
a lovely yound woman studying to be a nurse. 
The cloudy skies made for perfect lighting and I can't wait to upload all the pictures. 
 I have hundreds of photos to edit and 
Thanksgiving dinner to prepare 
so come on back on Saturday November 26th.
I should have some of them finished and up by then.  


Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Items for the Artist's Boutique Next Weekend

I have been madly crocheting and sewing and creating new fiber art to wear 
for the Artist's Boutique I have been invited to sell at next weekend.  
For locals it is Sat and Sun November 19 and 20th from 10 to 3 pm. 
(invitation only so email me if you would like to attend)
There will be many of my very talented friends there selling all kinds of beautiful creations. 
Here are some of my new Fiber Art To Wear items. 
"Polar Lace"- Hairpin Lace Scarf made with a REALLY soft bulky yarn-
I added a loopy lace extension to each end. 
Matching Wrist Warmers
Close up of the Hairpin Lace- two strips crocheted together.  
Another Peacock Inspired Crocheted Scarf made with bulky yarns and fun fur.
New Berroco Free Pattern- Beseme- a bulky yarn lace style.
 I call this one "Caramel Sundae". 
Same scarf in Turquoise. This scarf is actually more like a shawl. 

Beseme done in Souffle-a very soft bulky yarn by Berroco. Wish you could feel this yarn! 

My own design for fingerless gloves using Berroco Lustra,
another yarn that feels so good on your skin. 
Several of the "Tucked and Twirly" Holiday Boa Scarves.
These are very fun and easy to make.
 My beautiful model is away for the weekend so you will have to imagine them on a person. 
3 Views of my Pilot's Hat gone wild.
This hat does match the Peacock inspired scarf.
Also made with a mix of Bulky Yarns and fun fur.
The top view really shows off all the colors.  It is very soft and drapes nicely. 
 Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

More clay, much more clay

I had a marathon week with polymer clay because my husband has been out of town 
and I could leave my work space messy and ready for 4 days in a row!! 
Love it when I don't have to put everything away and drag it all out again the next day. 
Then I had to catch the early sunrise at the right moments to photograph it all.  
It seems like the sun rises faster this time of year- 
the angle is different in my backyard giving my a very short window 
before big shadows start appearing.
I may have to switch to the front yard. 
here are some of the lovely pieces I created:

I experimented with a new technique called the Stroppel cane 
using different base colors, black, white and gold. 

This is a great way to use up old canes and scraps of clay. 
I also made 3 Mokume Gane buttons for my crochet student to choose from for her felted bag.

What I do with scraps- make beads.
Mokume Gane layered on scraps from the buttons
The same color combo sliced in the Natashia Bead technique and then twisted.
I love how this one came out, especially after it is all sanded and buffed. 
These were made with a variation of the bargello technique.
If there is enough scrap clay I make a button.
Chatoyant scraps made this bead. 
Note what polymer clay does to my poor hands- so dry. 

And these were made with scraps from some foiled pieces I worked on 
that are not ready to be seen because they need to be painted first.  
I should be able to post them for  BTW. (Bead Table Wednesday)
 I try to make at least one mold each clay session- 
Here is a tiny leaf mold for disk beads or buttons.
I used a leaf button from Walmart and then hand sculpted the surrounding texture.  
I have been extremely productive this month as I get ready for 
The Artist's Boutique I was invited to sell at coming up November 19 and 20th.  
This is a local event by invitation only-
 if you are local and interested in coming shoot me an email. 
I have whipped up 7 more crochet scarves and 4 sets of fingerless gloves.
With my sewing machine I have been sewing twirly tucked organza scarves. 
More pictures of those next week! 
Have a great weekend and enjoy your extra hour sponsored by Daylight Savings Time!!