Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Spring has really set in here in Las Vegas.  
We are up in the 80's or higher most days and the sun is lasting longer each day.  
Taking pictures is a challenge as it is much brighter but I have some to share from this morning:

Thursday was a day trip to Red Rock and Bonnie Springs with my girlfriends above
(The Four Menopausal Musketeers)
(amazingly there was no chocolate involved in this day!)
We skipped the old cowboy town routine because it was school vacation week 
and the place was overcrowded with families having a ball. 
But if you ever get to come to Las Vegas in the spring or fall 
and can make a trip through the loop at Redrock the scenery is amazing, 
there are lots of hiking trials. 
Bonnie Springs has live outdoor theatre in the this little old replicated cowboy town 
with gun fights, bank robberies, 
a trial shere you are the jury all quite comical and very entertaining.
I saw this several years ago with my nieces and nephews and they loved it.  
We decided to walk through the petting zoo for inspiration
and had a great lunch in the restaurant. 
Here are a few of the creatures who posed for me:
Mr. R

Mr. Rooster Close up
Lovely Lady Peacock- she posed for me a ruffled up her front feathers too. 
Mr. Peacock chose to stand with the mountains in the background.
I only had a few seconds to capture this before he hopped down.
 His tail was stunning!!
A Toddler Wild Burro we stopped to greet on the ride home.
His Mom getting a good massage on a dead Joshua Tree.  Pretty sure another baby is on the way.
Today it is all about
flowers, flowers, flowers,
I can never get enough of flowers.  
My honeysuckle is in full bloom and smells delightful.  

Everyone who comes to my front door gets to inhale the sweet perfume 
that I wish I could bottle and send to you. 
When you stroll up my walk and look up this is what you see.
A mass of vines covered with delicate little amazingly fragrant yellow and white blossoms.
Straight ahead is my Spring Front Door Decor.
These are silk flowers as there is no sun in this spot. 

Just love the mama bird guarding her eggs!
Have a Very Happy Easter everyone!!