Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Squirrel gathers her nuts...

Beaders gather their beads sometimes not knowing what they may become.  
I picked up this beautiful wood tree pendant at (head dipped in shame because I missed Lorelei' Challenge- I was out of town and not reading blogs for a couple weeks) Michaels. 

I just love it and when I came across these spiral carved nuts at my local bead shop 
I knew I had a fine duet in the making. 

These components are not expensive and 
I love how they look together and to me they represent Fall in all it's glory. 

The beads are extremely light weight and so comfortable to wear.  
The necklace and earring set will be listed today in my Etsy Shop!! 
I just have to share photos of my Purple Passion Vine.

It went crazy this year and I have had hundreds of blossoms to ooh and ah over.

I just can't get over how intricate and strange the stamen and pistols are.

While I am waxing "Purple" 
a close up of the illusive dragonfly on 

my art quilt titled: "On Purple Pond" ( also listed in my etsy shop)
This is my artistic parody of the movie "On Golden Pond "
where like me and my family 
Life is seen through violet colored glasses 
and never ceases to be unique and inspirational. 
The center is a beautiful leaf print I did with geranium leaves and Lumiere metallic paints.
They glow on the black cotton.
 I am continually inspired to create aquatic creatures.
More later about my first artist's gallery reception!! 
It has been in the 80's all week and cooler at night here in Las Vegas.
We walk around our neighborhood at night and look at the stars and moon.
I LOVE this time of year!! 
Enjoy your weekend.