Saturday, March 5, 2011

And the Winner of the Art Deco Set is..................

I apologize for being a few hours late posting my winner:
DEE from Runako Designs!!!
I got home too late last night from a celebration 
for the featured quilter in our local Quilt Show.  
Deb is a very good friend, 
the leader of our art quilt circle and 
a very talented art quilt artist. 
We were celebrating her celebrity this year!! 
(for more about that scroll down)

This was my second creation in the Recent Bead Soup Party 
made from my partner Angela's wonderful ingredients. 

The Bead Soup Parties are sponsored by Lori at Pretty Things
She will be hosting this next party in August so be sure to check back 
perhaps you would like to join the fun!! 

To choose a winner 
I entered 1- 89 into a random number generator online. 
It spit out 45- so I counted down my comments list. 
Comment #45 was Dee from Runako Designs
89 comments are the most comments I have ever had on my blog 
so the old fashion strips of paper was a little too much to do. 
Unfortunately I did not have enough time yesterday either 
to find a widget that I could put on my blog.
So you will have to just trust me. 
ANYHOO- Dee please send me your shipping info and 
I will mail off your new Art Deco Set! 

About the Quilt Show....
Yes, I live in the desert in Las Vegas, Nevada.
I know you all think that means I live on the strip near Caesar's Palace
and gamble like a crazy woman, party all the time and smoke cigarettes.
None of that is true. There is a wonderful community of artistic people here. We live in neighborhoods all over town and somehow find each other and share our passions just like 
some little old town in East Timbuktoo.
This is a place I never dreamed I would end up though.  
I do enjoy the shows-(We saw the BeeGees Tribute for my birthday!)

Our local quilt show is one of our two  local guild's annual events:
(Click the Purple above to see one of Deb's beautiful leaf print quilts on the site)

I entered only one quilt this year
"Dada Tatu Ya Ahadi"
swahili for 
"The Three Sisters Promise".

This is an art quilt that started with a little game 
where a group of us filled a little dish with 
suggestions, techniques... on little slips of paper.
We then passed the dish and chose one at a time.  
Each of us started our quilt designs based on these prompts.  
Mine started with a piece of cloth I had tie-dyed with coffee grounds.(left hand side) 
The first prompt suggested I free motion stitch on a fabric of my choice
so those fun white outines around the white star bursts evolved. 
At some point I ended up adding three polymer clay faces 
made by my friend Mary and 
the Three Sisters were born.  
(they are a little inspired by Vegas Show Girls*!)

I am still trying to find the African Folktale - there is one with that title. 
All I know is they are happy, dancing for joy and mean a lot to each other. 
(my muse tells me all this)
I started this over 2 years ago and finished it after 
one of my best customers traded some bark cloth from Africa 
(the bodies of the three sisters) 
for some jewelry. 
It always amazes me how things like that happen,
My muse was just waiting on that barkcloth I am sure 
because it is the perfect color and texture and fiber for the arms and torsos. 
It's from Africa-- DUH!! 
She whispered in my ear:"Tear it and stitch it down with invisible thread." 
Well, yesterday as I walked around the show wide=00=eyed and totally inspired 
I found to my surprise I won a first place ribbon in my category!! 
(translation computer for a squeal of joy!)
For Bead enthusiasts, part of the fun I had on this quilt 
was embossing some copper with the words in the title and adding a patina. 
I also had to add hair adornments; 
polymer clay pieces (white bone bead and earrings)
 and beading (tube beaded hair and the collar on sister #1) 

All the beading was done by me except the trim on the top and bottom. 
I love using burlap as a background too it has great texture. 
There is no backing fabric just black batting on the back so I painted it 
with Jacquard Lumieres so the stitching would be visible on the back side.  
Wish I had a picture of that but I don't- maybe later. 
Unfortunately I have to go catch up on all the house and yard work 
I haven't done this past few weeks due to so many deadlines.
But you can all:
Have a wonderful weekend!  
PS I have not finished the Bead Soup Party Hop yet. 
I will get to you all and I promised myself to take my time 
look at other posts on your blogs and really see what you all do!!
 I am having a blast, meeting wonderful fellow beadaholics 
and making new friends. 
 I will comment on each and every Soup Entry!  
Thanks again Lori for this fantastic opportunity- 
You are the Bestest of the Best!! 
The next post down has both of my bead soup entries.