Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tiny Visitors...


This is just so weird in a very cool way!  
I posted a picture I collected off the internet of a praying mantis 
to evoke my manic state the week before my first Arts and Crafts Fair.  
Guess who greeted my husband at the front door Friday night? 
My husband was so impressed by this tiny visitor that he called me out to see him. 
He was in a little fern bush right by my front door and looked right into the camera at me.  
I didn't have time to set up my tripod so it's a tad blurry. 
This is the first time we have ever seen a praying mantis here in Las Vegas 
and it has been so hot I don't know how he can survive.  

He turned to get back to work but when I went in to get my tripod 
and came back out he was gone.
A dear friend gave me a wonderful book- "Animal Speak"
It is a dictionary of Animal, Bird and Reptile Symbolism.  
Whenever I have one of these little close encounters I get it out. 
"Mantis" comes from the Greek word meaning "Prophet".
The Mantis represents the Power of Stillness.  
He is found in mythology and ancient lore especially in China and Africa. 
Stillness is everything from contemplation, meditation to sleep, dreams, 
accessing prophetic events and even death.
The lesson of the Praying Mantis is that by stilling the outer 
we can strengthen and empower ourselves from within.
That was a very clear message for me. 
My outer gets way too busy and I loose my inner peace and wisdom.
 Sure enough I remembered my dreams over the weekend 
and had solutions and ideas for new creations in them. 
Who has visited you lately from the natural kingdom?  
I would be happy to share a little information from this book with you about your tiny visitor,
perhaps you will be able to hear the animals speak to you too!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mt Charleston Fair, Steam Punk Adventure and more....

Large Steam Punk Pendant
I am finally getting around to playing with 

my Steam Punk Resin pieces.
But First:

The Mt Charleston Fair
(click to see a picture of the beautiful hotel)
was really fun!  

It was a great venue for all of our Handmade In Vegas Etsy Team shops. 
The hotel is rustic and beautiful and fortunately I was inside 
so I missed the deluge of rain and wind some of our people had to deal with. 
I loved meeting people face to face and seeing what items attract them. 
The thrill of a comment like: 
" I just have to have that!! 
It's wonderful."
Chain Gang Set

Calliope of Color Set

"This is not just 
it is jewelry art!"

I was pleasantly surprised
 to have quite a few
 of my hand knit 
crocheted items sell.  

My free form crochet
Squirrel's Treasure
found a new home.                                     

(Aside- Those were some of my older pictures- 
I can see quite an improvement in my picture taking this year)

Squirrel's Treasure Purse Front and Back
All in all it was a very pleasant experience, I made some money 
and I would like to participate in more arts and crafts shows.
On to the steam punk pieces....
I poured a large batch of resin into little bottle caps, some of my polymer clay pieces
and as it started to thicken I needed to use up the remainder quickly 
this very large pendant used up the resin.

There are all kinds of watch parts and a big rusty key and copper micro beads
 in this recycled mint tin.
I found a very chunky brass chain to hang it on on there you go:
My first "Man Bling"!!
The smaller pendants are wonderful too. 
I could sell them on very simple neckwires 
great unisex attire
but I think I will play around this week with more elaborate 
designs for some of them.
Here are some of the Steam Punk variety close up:

I also did some ocean theme pieces 

one of these sold at the Fair
Poppy Seed Heads I had from my WA garden

Thanks again to Christine over at 
for her great advice on how to attach the bails to these caps. 
The 2 part epoxy was easy and the bails are very secure.
Visit her blog for wonderful glass art, mixed media and more. 
That's all for today- Happy Sunday!!