Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Fiber Art Accesories, gearing up for fall and winter

Did I mention my addiction to fiber?
As I secretly work on my Bead Soup I also have been very busy with fiber 
so today it's all about Fiber!!
I am creating more patterns and classes for my crochet students at Gail Knits here in town.
In the last week I completed a crocheted pillow,
Made with Cascade "Duo" which is an undyed yarn 70% Baby Alpaca and 30% Merino Wool
It is so soft you just can't resist putting your face down on it for a little nap. 
The pillow overlaps and is closed with my handmade polymer clay buttons. 
Another Hairpin Lace Scarf, 
Hairpin Lace Scarf made with Trendsetter "Segue"
a hand dyed polyamide ribbon yarn. 
A Felted Purse
Felted Purse made with Cascade "Pastaza"- 50% Llama and 50% wool
and a novelty yarn by Trendsetter called "Joy"
All it needs now is a wonderful polymer clay button closure and 
a lining with lots of pockets. 
Here is the bottom where you start with an oval shape and increase to the width you want the purse to be.
The purse is crocheted with a size N crochet hook, 
when felted it shrinks about 30% and all
the lacy holes mesh to form a boucle-like texture.
Last of all I made a recycled leather cuff from an old purse, 
My thank you gift to my daughter Jessie for her help at my last craft show.
She wears her white cowboy boots to Stoney's
(She is an avid Country Western fan; line and swing dancer)
This cuff matches her boots perfectly!!
Yesterday Jessie had a day off and  graciously modeled some of my accesories
for a photo shoot in our front yard. 
I think she even had fun doing it! 
These pictures are now on my first IDVD Slideshow -
"Aquariart Portfolio" 
completed late last night (yawn).  
Thanks are due to my wonderful friend Barbara too
for her help teaching me the IDVD program.  
 Here are a few of the pictures we took:
It makes such a difference to see your items on an actual person. 
 I am so fortunate to have two gorgeous daughters,
one of which is right here and available to photograph.  

For all my jewelry fans we took a couple of jewelry shots:
then we were both tired so more another day. 
My Kokopeli Set made with an enamel focal (the kokopeli figure) 
from EB Bead and Metal Works.
Yes that is a tiny handmade native american flute hanging from the pendant.
I made all the beads out of polymer clay. 
and My "Fairy Garden" Bib Necklace
This one has lots of my hand made flowers, lucite flower beads, seed beads and organza leaves.
Th-th-th-that's all folks,
now you know what I mean when I say:
"I have been busy this week!" 
Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend Everyone!!