Friday, December 31, 2010

Should old aquaintances be forgot......No, no and no.....

It is hard to believe that 2010 has past.  
I started this blog on January 1, 2010 
with the Mermaid's Treasure Necklace I made for a photo shoot
and guess what?
I lost my blog and had to start over!!
The result- a huge learning curve began. (I did later find it)
I have learned so much, 
found so many new friends and fellow artists 
and grown in leaps and bounds because of it.
I will not forget all the kind and encouraging comments 
I have received from all of you 
as I dared to share my heart, my work and my life here.  
Thank you everyone !!

The first big event this year will be a return of 
The Bead Soup Party.  
Thanks to Lori at Pretty Things it is happening again 
I can hardly wait. 
Check back for more about this.  
My other exciting news will be about my Art Quilt- 
renamed- "Casting Dreams" which was inspired by 
McElligut's Pool a Dr. Seuss Tale
A young man is fishing in a tiny pool on a farm.
The farmer tells him he is a fool, there is nothing to be caught
But he uses his imagination 
and a myriad of underwater creatures 
cover the pages of this book all in rhyme, Dr. Seuss style.
I created a huge fish 
with fussy cut applique in bright colors and wild prints, 
then he needed a home 
so the end result was a somewhat irregular 6 foot  by 6 foot pond 
full of the creatures in my imagination including an elephant fish and a music fish.
It will be exhibited at Road 2 CA 
a huge quilt show in Ontario, California.
I am so happy that it made it into the show so it can be seen.
It took 2 years to complete 
and I swear if it hadn't been shipped off for the show 
I would still be embellishing it. 
Barbara and I will leave on a Road Trip on Jan 21st!! 
As soon as the show is over I can publish pictures of it
so be sure to come back around January 29th to see it. 
There is so much to look forward to in 2011. 
I am excited to find out what other surprises the new year will bring. 
Live in the moment but anticipate glorious things. 
Cast your dreams!! 
And expect a Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Items!!

I have been madly creating special orders.  
I several of my glam wrist pin cushions- I think photographing the lot of them is what attracted my buyers.
Gone are the turquoise and the olive with oak leaves 
but you can still get the others in this picture. 
I crochet over 3/4" waistband elastic so one size fits all. 
Each one has a hand felted wool center for carrying your pins and 
machine felted and free-motion stitched petals or leaves 
and I hand beaded them with sequins and little bits of bling. 
Here is a close-up of my newer turquoise one - not in the picture above. 
Thus the Glamor!! 

For your convenience and because you are all very special to me
I am now able to let you purchase items in this post 
through Pay Pal directly from the Add to Cart Buttons. 
Be sure to use the scroll menu on the left to select your choice
before you click the add to cart button. For example there are 6 color choices for my Glam Wrist Pin Cushion Cuffs so select the one you want then click the Add to Cart Button. 
So Simple and Fast!! 
I am pretty sure if you order by Monday I can get it to you for Christmas. 
Custom orders however will need to be set up through my Etsy Shop.

Glam Wrist Pin Cushion colors

While I am showing my wearable fiber art
 Here is the newest Scarf- more like a luscious whirly boa- six feet long.  
I love this one and I want to keep it but wouldn't mind making it again - it was fun. 
Whirly Blues Crocheted Boa Scarf

I still have the smooch attracting Mistletoe Earrings available for 
everyone who needs a good kiss for the Holidays. 
Mistletoe Earrings.
metal choice

This is a long post but please keep reading because there are
LAST AND ONLY CHANCE to get items below from my friend Barbara 
Click here to see her shop: Woolcrafter on Etsy.
She makes the most adorable and unique ornaments from chenille sticks, 
the old fashioned bumpy ones. 
Her Pet ornaments are so adorable. 
use the Add to Cart button

 THIS ITEM is NOT in her shop. 

and it comes delivered in a gift box!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Winners of my making amends giveaway!!!

First a few pictures from the Gingerbread Contest Arts and Crafts Fair.
The entries were amazing and I can't show you all of them
but here are a few of my favorites. 
The winner of the adult category was the USS Noah (Noahs Ark)- AMAZING!!
and here are a few that I loved:
The water on this one was amazing!! 

There are trolls living here.

Toy Story Inspired- love the Big Foot in back.

a Christmas Wedding Cake.

My best buddy Barbara at our tables..we got to have 2!!
Me on the other side- I took up 1 1/2 tables. 
Mr and Mrs Claus stopped by to tell us we had been very, very good this year!  
and Now.....
The winners of the Making Amends Giveaway are...
Dun da-da da-da-da Dah!!! (musical intro)
The Grand Prize goes to 
Quilt Mom!!! 
send me your shipping info and the Jingle, Jangle Bracelet is yours!!!
My 5 runner ups are:
Kristen, EBBeads and Metalworks, Gene Keller- Kathy, Jackie and Emanda J
Please send me notes with your style preference and shipping info.

there are single jingles and triplet jingles
Whoville trees and presents
and light bulbs to choose from!!
Congrats and have a happy day! 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

PS Don't miss my giveaway and spread the news please-

WHAT???? I don't have enough entries for all the prizes I am giving away !!
so please- tell you friends, your mother, your enemies... these are free!! 
Click here to get to the giveaway post and scroll down to Dec 5th.  
Doncha wanna eat my gingerbread home, doncha.....doncha.....(sung in my head) LOL

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Boulder City Gingerbread House Contest- Today!!

 I just had to share the fun I had this week with my daughter Jessie (28) and so creative.
We created an entry for the Gingerbread House Contest 
which is a home for aquatic creatures
We had so much fun.  
She drew the design and made all the templates, 
I mixed the dough and frosting and baked all the pieces.  
First we decorated and assembled the standing walls;
 glued the sides to the main piece , propped the sides to form the angle and 
let it dry overnight in my office where my mischievious feline, Gracie could not get into it.  
Here is the first picture of our masterpiece in progress.
 Next Jessie mounted it on the board standing and filled the base with Rock Candy.
Then came the real fun.
Decorating and creating all kinds of creatures.  She did a fabulous hermit crab- 
I made the octopus
 and we both created sea urchins, clams, anenomes, starfish......
All from candy and royal frosting (sweet cement)!
We even added an aquatic Tree. I bet you didn't know they celebrate Christmas Under-the-Sea!
Today I will do my best to get it to the show in one piece.
The entries will be auctioned off and the money goes to charity.
For my local friends:
My friend Barbara and I will be selling our wares in the Christmas Market 
at this event from 11:00- 9:00 pm today. 
For more info click here:
Have a delicious day!! 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Who turned on the time sucking machine?

Time, time, time, time, time....
Is it just me or does time seem to be shrinking!! 
Every week goes by faster.  
I have been so very busy creating, teaching and preparing for another craft show-
Friday the 10th- The Gingerbread House Contest Arts and Crafts Show
in Boulder City, NV - 10 am to 9 pm for my locals!!
My daughter and I are making an entry- pictures will be posted next weekend!!
I have been neglecting you my followers.  
I apologize.
Be sure to see my Making Amends Giveaway below!!
I have joined the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy!!
 and had the pleasure of being included in one of the member's Treasuries!!  
A Beautiful Color combination I probably would not have tried!! 
Here is a peek.
 I am excited to participate with this wonderful group of talented artists. 
They have monthly challenges - Click Here to see the December Challenge 
and feel free to vote for your favorites. 
I missed entering this one but plan on participating next month.
Here is my favorite item by The Pleasant Pheasant
a great gift idea!
If you would like to check out other members shops here is a link: PCAGOE team
Okay, now for the 
I thought I had a great little original idea 
when I stumbled on tiny jingle bells, light bulbs, metallic pom-poms and gift boxes at Michaels.
I spent many hours one sleepless night making these fun little Holiday earrings.  
With the economy the way it is I wanted to offer a very economical and fun gift choice to my customers.
Turns out these are sold at 7-elevens and Walmart!!! 
Guess my inspiration fairies have been slumming this month.
I still think they are cute
especially my "Whoville Christmas trees".
(the red wire wrapped green metallic pom-poms below)
You have seen "The Grinch" right?
So the grand prize winner will receive this bracelet!!

and  5 runner ups will be able to choose any style earrings they would like to have.
(refer to the pictures above)
What are you waiting for?
All you have to do to enter is comment below include your email so I can contact you if you win
 AND share a link to my giveaway on your blog, facebook or twitter by Friday December 10th.  
I will randomly choose winners the old fashion way 
( little folded pieces of paper with your name and email address on them in a canister: 
shaken, stirred and then picked out one by one) 
Sunday December 12th. 
Good Luck!! 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Selling in a Winter Wonderland

I won't be walking in the snow too much because 
the Mt Charleston Etsy Artisans Arts and Craft Show is tomorrow,  
the 21st from 10 am to 4 pm and there is a 50% chance of snow.  
According to our fearless mountain resident member and show organizer 
we will probably only get 1". 
but it will be so festive and great way to remind everyone to do their Holiday shopping up there.  
I am very excited, only slept 4 hours last night and still buzzed for two reasons. 
The First:
I made a gazillion really cute holiday earrings with bright colored jingle bells, tiny presents and little bulbs. They are really cute and if I have any left after tomorrow I will take some photos and show you all. 
The second and most amazing reason I am completely high on endorphins
 is that my art quilt- "Casting Dreams"
HUGE (for me 6' by 6') 1 and 1/2 year quilt project 
based on my fond childhood memories of the Dr. Seuss Story, "McElliguts Pool"
was accepted into the quilt show at 
I am beside myself with excitement.  
I have been dragging it around trying to make deadlines for a year now.
It travelled with me to visit my sister at Redondo Beach, 
where I madly hand stitched with pliers 
to get through some very heavy layers 
at night after everyone else went to bed.
why? you say
because I had to get my big fish on it after Cori Allender, 
my long arm quilter completed her fantastic quilting
and of course I hadn't checked the calendar carefully 
and it was due for our local quilt show the day I was flying home.
PS I had a night flight too. 
They let me sneak it in first thing the next morning...SHshhhhh don't tell.   
So now I have to go to the Road2Ca show 
(Really I needed an excuse)
 and my best buddy and fellow crafter, 
 Barbara down the street wants to go too.  Girls Trip!! Totally wonderful!! 
Today was a really, really good day!!  
As soon as I am allowed I will post pictures. 
I can't publish any photos until the show is over.  
For now you can try to find a copy at the local library
read the story and imagine what I did. 
Hint:  there is a really lovely fish towards the end
that has really long flowing fins and tail pieces.
In my imagination it was so much more ornate. 
I purchased a used copy of the Book 
about 1 year after I started the quilt 
and was shocked at how simple the drawing was 
never the less it really inspired me.  
Viva Dr. Seuss.  
Now if I can stop dancing and smiling til' my cheeks hurt 
I need to go to bed and sleep.  
Have to leave for the Mountain at 6:30 am.   
I am going to dream about the thousands of smiles and giggles my quilt will create
at Road2Ca and anywhere else it gets to travel to. 
I live to create beauty and laughter and share it!!
Sweet Dreams!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aquariart and friends at the Hoffman Quilt Challenge Exhibit

 The Hoffman Challenge exhibit went really well. 
My friend Deb took some photos- 
Here I am in my booth
My fingerless gloves were a big hit, some crocheted hats, scarves and bags and  
many of my orphaned polymer clay pieces went to new homes- Yay!! more storage space.
 During the slow moments discussions and networking with the other exhibitors 
made all the time spent there well worth it!! 

This was the last day of the four day event and I was really tired- woke up at 3:30 am that morning.
The plus of doing the 3 days was a full day to set up and leaving it set up over night.
Note my black PVC pipe back drop designed by my ingenious husband.  
It is half empty because I sold 4 of my art quilts!!

I was so fortunate to be neighbors with my doll maker friends Diane Zammito and Sandy Leal, 
LSDesigns, who sell hand dyed everything and 
scrumptious mixed media goodies of all kinds for fiberholics.

You have to see a few of their dolls:

Yes those are some of my spray painted poppy heads from WA. 
This is a mosquito doll, no face and fabulouso wings!!
I love this tree doll. Sandy's work is incredible!
An equally wonderful creations by Diane.
She is selling patterns and kits for this caterpillar doll.
Viva Alice in Wonderland!
 With all these goodies right next door it is amazing that I resisted temptation, 
 at least until the last day when I just had to have some dyed lace and silk velvet. 
Good news no calories it's eye candy!! 
Bet you wish you were there.