Saturday, March 20, 2010

Very Early Spring Surfing in LA

Here is a picture of my nephew Kanyon and his Dad, Jum getting up on the boards during their first surfing lesson. Just happened to catch this wave with them!! 

I had such a great time catching up with my sister and her family.  Here are some pictures from a really nice hike we took in Santa Monica. 
Due to all the rain they have had in Cali there were numerous waterfalls and an abundant amount of green and flowering plants.  That made the hike really refreshing after living in the desert for 7 years. 

Nature not only inspires me but revives my spirit and energy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sisterhood of the Traveling Beads!!

  You could win the $200 treasure chest of beads, take what you want and pass it on with your own contest. Join the fun!!

Back from LA

I have the best sister in the whole world!! 
I just spent a week with her in LA on Redondo Beach. My nieces and nephew had school but we all got to have quality time together and I really enjoyed every minute. 
Favorite moments:  
hearing the ocean at night as I fell asleep,
walking on the beach barefoot ,
finding ocean treasures, (wait til I post a picture of the welk shell%*!)
hiking in Santa Monica with the whole family, 
boot camp workouts on the beach, 
the outdoor market, 
the kite festival 
seeing the dolphins
walks and heartfelt sharing with my sister!!! 

I had to drag along McElligut's Pool (the largest quilt I have ever made, may not happen again!) to finish it up for the Quilt show here this coming weekend. I learned so much about the need for more planning as I tried to finish it.  It was too wide and heavy to get through my sewing machine so I managed to hand stitch the "big" fish onto it with embroidery floss using my jewelry pliers to pull the needle through all the layers.  My fingers were getting red and raw!! Thus I am enjoying time off from sewing this week and looking forward to a trip to San Antonio Texas with my husband.  

I do have some photos from our hike out at Redrock a couple weeks ago.  We actually have waterfalls in the desert due to the snowfall this winter.