Saturday, October 1, 2011

My biggest fan...

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Sometimes when you least expect it someone surprises you with their thoughtfulness.
This someone happened to be my husband John.
He came home with this a little while ago and I was stunned. 

He had a piece of marble water jetted  for me- this is my company name.
I am always amazed when he thinks about me and supports my efforts in such unique ways. 
I guess that is why we are still married after 35 years. 
So sweet. 
He also brought home two types of tile for me to photograph with. 
They are truly something I have never seen.
One is a marble with deep ridges carved horizontally across the tiles in neutral white and grey tones.
The second is mosaic sheets of a variety of sized semi transparent glass bubbles.
These are leftovers from projects that have been finished downtown. 
You will very soon be seeing pictures of my work on these tiles. 
I love these little gifts of thoughtfulness
and my husband too. 
Short today, I am going to go spend some time with my little family.
Have a great weekend.