Saturday, May 7, 2011

My first published work!! Squeeeeeeeel of Joy

Pardon me while I brag, squeel, dance, sing, shout and carry on for just a minute-  
Here is my  "Leap of Faith" necklace 
My first time Bead Soup Necklace- "A Leap of Faith"

in the Bead Buzz section of the June/July 2011  issue of Beadwork Magazine,

which will be on the stands May 27th.
I am so grateful to Lori for the opportunities she has provided me. 
I sent her my April ABS entry- "Finch and Bamboo Necklace" in last weeks post. 
Got to share the joy!! 
Last Night I peddled my wares in front of Studio8ten on Las Vegas Blvd
with several other Handmade in Vegas Etsy Team members.
Unfortunately I only had one sale. 
I lot of lugging for $25 but I truly hope my little polyclay fish 

is happy in her new home.
"Marmelade" my little tropical beauty

I bit the bullet and ordered 3 tons of rock for our backyard last week. 
Funny how my brain just doesn't work sometimes. 
They delivered it on Monday, pouring it onto a huge tarp in my driveway-
Right behind where my car is parked in the garage. 
Soooo, guess who couldn't go anywhere on Monday.  

"Brain Douche"
They are not just for kids!!
I need one right away. 

 I moved about 1 ton of it on Monday and promptly took four days off.
(I have 3 commissions to work on and 
have to recreate my inventory because the
old PC died 
and now I have to learn Numbers on my Mac.) 
Today I am back out to do some more Rockin"- thus the brief post. 
This time of year all the strenuous outdoor activities must be done in the morning. 
It will reach 97 degrees here today! 
Have a Rockin" Week-
That's what I will be doing.  

Remember ( if you can- I can, but only if I remember to take my memory herbs) 
Laughter is good medicine!