Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring, Glorious Spring!!

I had a fabulously productive week inspite of two meetings I had to attend 
and some home service repairs going on, 
a sample beaded flower and two crochet patterns I needed to write up  chart and deliver, 
a belated birthday lunch with Barb and Teresa and 
I can't remember what else. 
Monday night was the Las Vegas Polymer Clay Guild meeting 
 I shared my knowledge and information about selling on Etsy with the group. 
 We meet at a private school in the art teacher's classroom. 
She had a Mac (oh happy me!!) with the big screen in the room 
so everyone could see what I pulled up on the desktop.  
I quit teaching in the public schools 7 years ago
so I missed the boat on this fabulous technology that is available today for teachers. 
 Anyhow I think it went well, 
 perhaps more people in the guild will start up shops and sell their wonderful items online.
We also have a demo each month.
Here is one of the little boxes we learned how to make.

I only had a dollar and still won one in the raffle.  
My lucky streak is still going. 
Wednesday was our first "Art Quilt ect.."meeting at one of our local libraries 
that just happens to be only 10 mins from my house.  
With the escalating price of gas this is going to be wonderful for me and my mustang. 
We have a monthly challenge.
 I am behind one month but working furiously to complete them all.
 Be sure to check my new post on the Fiber Art page. (click on that word at the top of this post) Spring is here and the birds are singing. 
I have one little birdy who has a new home. 
Thursday while waiting for the air conditioning company to come 
and prep our unit for the summer 
I pulled out my silk paints, my metallic guttas, seta fabric paints, 
the wonderful adjustable stretching frame I bought from Dharma 2 years ago 
 and some great items to practice on. Here's what happened- 
First I set up outside in the back yard with the seta colors and some macrame purses 
my friend Margaret from " Art quilts ect" gave me 
because in her words "I knew you would do something fabulous with them."

They were part of the stash of former member who passed away.
She had donated her things to people in our group.  

I hope she is up there smiling down at me because I made them so colorful. 
When it got too windy and cold to be outside I moved in to the dining room table and set up the silk supplies.  
Here is my first scarf in awhile.  

First I created the flowers and leaves with antique gold gutta.
After it is all dry
this is my favorite part!!! 
 you fill in with the silk paints and play with water spots ect which adds texture. 
Oh the unusual colors you can create.  
I used only 4 colors of silk paint: magenta, yellow, citrus and  turquoise
to create all these different colors.  
So Fun!!!
Next - the tricky part- heat setting and steam setting the paints. 
Happy Weekend!!
PS for all the Bead Soup People - I am still hopping- I WILL GET TO YOU!