Saturday, January 8, 2011

Okay, Who ate my Friday?....

No really,  It has gone by and I don't even know how or where it went.
I humbly apologize for not getting my giveaway up yesterday.
I am taking pictures this morning and will post again this afternoon with the fiber giveaway details.
Please come back then!!
Okay never mind the then, Now- my giveaway is on the Fiber Page- Go, go, go.... enter to win...
In the meantime I did get somethings done and delivered.  My dear friend Deb finally received her special order free-form crochet purses yesterday, took them home and "Desi" her cat approves of them.
Here she is welcoming them to the family!!
Does she think they are her new kittens?  LOL
Go to my Knit and Crochet page to see more about my most recent discovery
Jewelry and Fiber- Crocheted Hairpin Lace Choker
embellished with Vintaj filigree and beaded. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Check it out!! Tabs for Polymer Clay and Fiber Art

My New Year's Resolution:  
I am in the process of adding pages to my blog; 
dividing up my passions into categories 
so that you can visit them all 
or just the ones you personally are interested in. 
Click on Polymer Clay if you are a polyholic.
Click on Fiber Art if you are a fiberholic- 
If you are a Beadaholic then you can stay right here for now. 
(Warning: You may become-  ?holic by visiting these pages!!)
Hopefully keeping up with these pages 
won't make my head 
spin so fast that it falls off into the net abys 
or worse explodes 
and makes a bigger mess of my house than it already is.
I am planning to open a second Etsy Shop so that my goodies are divided up too- 
Fiber Art in one
and Polymer Clay, Beads and Jewelry in the second. 
I know I am crazy to pursue so many different creative outlets 
(the first step is to admit your life is unmanageable) 
But I AM managing it-( I think I can I think I can....)
The passion for each one is coursing through my veins.
Remember the saying: 
"Variety is the Spice of Life"?
Okay so I am just one very 
"Spicy Lady"*