Saturday, January 28, 2012

Does Anyone Know where this month went?

WHAT it's Saturday?
Oh my, January is over and I barely even knew it was here.  
Life just moves too fast for me sometimes.
I didn't post last week, well 
because I didn't get to take any pictures due to "crappy weather" 
I just didn't feel like posting without pictures. 
Today I took a wonderful silk painting class through my quilt guild: The Desert Quilters of Nevada 
with a wonderful teacher-
 Linda Schmidt who makes fabulous art quilts and wearables
 It was fun and the colors are so vibrant!! 
But when I got home it was already dark so - - -
no pictures...  
I will hopefully get some taken this week. 
What I need to accomplish that - Will the whole world please 
S - - - L - - - O - - - W    D - - - O - -  -W - - - N ! ! ! ? ? ?
(Close your eyes and imagine my voice two octaves lower recorded in very slow motion)
I am working on the dreaded taxes for my Aquariart Business.  
Queen of procrastination 
I have the whole entire year to catch up on- 
I bought Quickbooks in July but even with phone help for 2 months 
it is so darned (I will not share my potty mouth version) complex 
I decided not to use it for last year, 
hopefully I will learn it and use it for 2012. 
I had a job interview friday and may be going back to work full time within the next 2 weeks- YIKES!!!
I don't even have good clothes to wear to work anymore. 
I am both excited and scared to death!! 
More about that later.
My oldest daughter's birthday is Monday and her gift has been back ordered- Grrrrrr!
My birthday is Saturday and then there is the Super Bowl 
with our fabulous Patriot's attending on Sunday!! 
I haven't done a challenge for Art Beads in 3 months, 
I haven't uploaded pictures to Flickr since October! 
I haven't read all my favorite blogs 
and have missed two posts this month 
I have been completing work for our annual Quilt Show here in Vegas which happens in March. 
Again, I will hopefully find time to take some pictures.  
So, this is my lengthy apology for no luscious pictures you can drool over this week.  
Hope you all are having a little easier time with time management and weather.