Saturday, January 28, 2012

Does Anyone Know where this month went?

WHAT it's Saturday?
Oh my, January is over and I barely even knew it was here.  
Life just moves too fast for me sometimes.
I didn't post last week, well 
because I didn't get to take any pictures due to "crappy weather" 
I just didn't feel like posting without pictures. 
Today I took a wonderful silk painting class through my quilt guild: The Desert Quilters of Nevada 
with a wonderful teacher-
 Linda Schmidt who makes fabulous art quilts and wearables
 It was fun and the colors are so vibrant!! 
But when I got home it was already dark so - - -
no pictures...  
I will hopefully get some taken this week. 
What I need to accomplish that - Will the whole world please 
S - - - L - - - O - - - W    D - - - O - -  -W - - - N ! ! ! ? ? ?
(Close your eyes and imagine my voice two octaves lower recorded in very slow motion)
I am working on the dreaded taxes for my Aquariart Business.  
Queen of procrastination 
I have the whole entire year to catch up on- 
I bought Quickbooks in July but even with phone help for 2 months 
it is so darned (I will not share my potty mouth version) complex 
I decided not to use it for last year, 
hopefully I will learn it and use it for 2012. 
I had a job interview friday and may be going back to work full time within the next 2 weeks- YIKES!!!
I don't even have good clothes to wear to work anymore. 
I am both excited and scared to death!! 
More about that later.
My oldest daughter's birthday is Monday and her gift has been back ordered- Grrrrrr!
My birthday is Saturday and then there is the Super Bowl 
with our fabulous Patriot's attending on Sunday!! 
I haven't done a challenge for Art Beads in 3 months, 
I haven't uploaded pictures to Flickr since October! 
I haven't read all my favorite blogs 
and have missed two posts this month 
I have been completing work for our annual Quilt Show here in Vegas which happens in March. 
Again, I will hopefully find time to take some pictures.  
So, this is my lengthy apology for no luscious pictures you can drool over this week.  
Hope you all are having a little easier time with time management and weather. 


  1. I hear you! I was signing something last week and asked what the date was. When someone told me it was the 26th, I nearly fell over...Breathe deeply, and keep going!

  2. Heather,
    I was just saying to someone today that this month has flown by. Looking forward to seeing your quilts. Congratulations on going back to work you will get back in the swing of it in no time.


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