Sunday, December 18, 2011

One of many pairs....

It has been wonderful to have a model for my wearable fiber items.
Have to say everything looks better on a person. 
I am so fortunate to have found Riana, 
a bubbly young woman who enjoys being photographed 
and playing dress up with all my creations.
Here is one more design and I have a brand new one I will add later. 
I am waiting for the sun to come up so I can photograph my new
Crocodile Stitch Fingerless Gloves.  
This Purple and Green Variegated Pair is made with 
Soy yarn, very soft to the touch. 
I am completely baffled by the problem I had last week 
uploading pictures and the error message from google.  
Seems like everything is back to normal today.  
Perhaps my little fairy, Nadine has been playing with my Blog at night?@!
I was so focused on my Artist's Boutique that Christmas has snuck up on me again this year. 
 I think I missed the deadline for shipping things in time for the holiday
I am going to keep listing new items as I edit my photos.

Do you have a friend who loves handmade items 
but you are not sure what to choose for them?
Let them choose their own gift!

I am having a special on Gift Certificates in my etsy shops this week. 
Buy a $10 gift certificate for a gift and get $5 off any item you purchase.
Buy a $25 gift certificate and get $10 off any item you purchase. 
Buy a $50 gift certificate and get $20 off any item you purchase. 
you can convo me with special orders and choose your favorite colors. 
I have lots of gloves I haven't photographed yet- ask me about those- 
hopefully they will get done tomorrow morning.  
The elves had to watch the Patriots Game today!! 
Yay Pats! 

Have a wonderful week - Heather