Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BTW- Working on the Art Bead Scene Blog July Challenge

As usual I am the queen of last minute 
and finished my piece for the Art Bead Scene July Challenge today at 1 pm.  
So then there was a nasty photo session in the 106 degree hot wind 
in my south facing back yard under the patio cover. 
Then lots of photo editing, uploading and picture collaging on picnik. 
I have to say I took a nice break and had a little frozen yogurt with my friend Barbara this afternoon. 
So it is 6:16, hubby is fortunately working a little late 
and I am scrambling to finish this post for Bead Table Wednesday 
and the Art Bead Scene July Challenge for the blog hop 
and I will be done blah, blah, blogging until Saturday. 
Here are my pictures: 
House Pendant from mixing the clay colors in the inspiration palette to the finished pendant.

Screeching in at the last minute for the deadline!!!
For some reason I had a really hard time making this piece today.  I started the moment my husband left for work (7:15am) and finally, all alone in the house at 1 pm said to myself outloud:
"Ok Heather , you are done, just leave it the way it is 
and go take the (*$!#) pictures,
it's getting really hot outside!!"

The Bad News: 
I ruined a bunch of jump rings and a stretch of chain because 
I must have taken this apart at least 20 times and reconstructed it ;
 over and over and over......ugh.
 I am finding that I really prefer my copper and antique brass findings. 
For some reason they seem more neutral and less intrusive than silver.  
I really want the time back I wasted making polymer roses and leaves on Monday 
because they were too big and too distracting
making the house pendant just disappear.   
The Good News: 
This is not one of my most favorite designs but it is what it is.  
And it is done!! YAY!! 
And I got my yellow enameled copper head pins just in time yesterday 
from Kimoras on Etsy and I love them!!
If you read my blog last month you already know 
I am very, very low on the color yellow in my stash. 
My collages are created on
For more pictures and information about my polymer clay process 
including a secret recipe for sparkling yellow go HERE.
To see the other wonderful Bead Tables and July Challenge pieces 
click on the highlighted words at the beginning of my Rant.  
Then just breathe!! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Inspired by Nature: Forest Floor Challenge

This challenge is 
sponsored by Heather Powers at Humblebeads.  
Go HERE to see the rest of the entries.
Here are some shots of my finished entry I took this morning.
I just like the odd angle of this one and how the background blurred.
Close up of the center pieces of the bib necklace

One of several copper clasps with patina  I purchased from Melinda Orr at ORRTEC on Etsy
Full on view of the neclace. Blends right into this little forest on my pool wall.
The left side of the necklace- here you can see my wood bead and tassels at the top
near where I joined the interesting copper cage chain. 
Free motion stitched lining on back of necklace and hand couching of yarn and specialty threads.
This one will join my bib necklace series for all seasons as an autumn piece.

That's all for now!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. I will be back for Bead Table Wednesday on Wednesday of course!