Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flashback to my Alamo Beads

I finally photographed my Alamo-inspired Necklace Set in an appropriate setting.   I took several other photos but the background just didn't do the necklace justice. This background is a slice from a limb of the Willow Tree that used to reside in our front yard.  We loved the tree but it was dying and became dangerous as we have quite a bit of wind here in the Desert. Having it cut down brought tears to my eyes and a sinking feeling in my heart but I kept several slices and they make great backgrounds for some of my art. 
     I made the polymer clay beads and pendant after a vacation trip to San Antonio to see the Alamo this past spring.  I know the music is a little hokie but my husband is a huge fan of John Wayne, old movies like the Alamo and the theme songs. So I included these two for him. The Ballad of the Alamo and Green Leaves of Summer. 
     Many of my beads went to my Bead Soup Partner, Emanda and she created a stunning necklace with them. 
     I think the silk ribbon and glittery beads added just the right touch of fall color to make my faux limestone beads sing. 
I also love the large wood rounds wired into the bronze rings.  
This necklace is very comfortable and light weight. I am going to take a chance and enter this piece into a pool for a book Lorelei is writing about using cords, fibers and ribbons in jewelry.  See her October 20, 2010 post for more information about the book. 
I have yet to be published but promised myself I would approach my artistic endeavors with "No Fear". 
"There is nothing to lose and much to be gained 
when your heart and soul are in everything you do."

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sisterhood of the Traveling Beads

I happened to come across the traveling box of beads over at Lorelei's Blog.
I wondered how Heather Power's inspirational give-away was progressing.  
If you love beads and love give-aways you need to check it out. 

Just like the jeans in the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" movie, 
one of my all-time favorite movies, 
this box of beads is chock full of fabulous stuff and 
will be passes on by each winner  
after you  take what you like and add some of your own stash.
I love this idea. 
You can enter until Friday November 5th on Lorelei's Blog.
Check it out Check-it-outers!!