Monday, April 19, 2010

Grammie's Attic...

It is spring and I always think of my grammie this time of year.  She lived in the little white gable roofed cottage style home with a garden courtyard in front complete with hanging wisteria one of my all-time favorite flowering vines. 

She had the white picket fence and bird feeders at almost every window. They provided  entertainment when I stayed with her as a little girl. She knew the names of all the types of birds that visited her feeders and I especially remember two- the red cardinal and the rose-breasted grossbeak. She lived to be 99!! Amazing to me now that I am over half way there. She was an avid gardener and her gardens crept into the lawn with self-seeding beauties everywhere.  Here she is with my two daughters on our at the time new sit down mower at our old house in Washington State.  The smile on her face says it all.  She loved life and everyone in it.  Found joy in so many simple things and cherished these moments. 
She was also one of the "Hippest" Grandmas ever and took me into downtown Boston to see the Beattle's Movies "Yellow Submarine" and "Help" when they came out. She taught me how to knit and crochet and I still miss her to this day.  

So I wanted to make a tribute to her memory with a piece of jewelry and these polymer clay beads reminded me of colors she would love and white lace that was so often around her house.  A little vintage and a little modern.  That's what she was!!  
My mother is an artist and really likes more modern decor and art which I appreciate also but my grammie instilled a love of tradition and history in daily life.  She always put the fancy china, crystal glassware and silver silverware out at the dining room table when we had meals.  


She had a special small table for the little ones and there was a tiny pitcher for our milk with a cow inside that you only got to see if you emptied it. LOL No! I didn't add a cow pendant to the necklace but the faceted glass and silver chain and findings were chosen to reflect these memories. This is how my past inspires me to create.  
Wonderful memories captured in beads which like seeds sprout in the spring.