Friday, December 31, 2010

Should old aquaintances be forgot......No, no and no.....

It is hard to believe that 2010 has past.  
I started this blog on January 1, 2010 
with the Mermaid's Treasure Necklace I made for a photo shoot
and guess what?
I lost my blog and had to start over!!
The result- a huge learning curve began. (I did later find it)
I have learned so much, 
found so many new friends and fellow artists 
and grown in leaps and bounds because of it.
I will not forget all the kind and encouraging comments 
I have received from all of you 
as I dared to share my heart, my work and my life here.  
Thank you everyone !!

The first big event this year will be a return of 
The Bead Soup Party.  
Thanks to Lori at Pretty Things it is happening again 
I can hardly wait. 
Check back for more about this.  
My other exciting news will be about my Art Quilt- 
renamed- "Casting Dreams" which was inspired by 
McElligut's Pool a Dr. Seuss Tale
A young man is fishing in a tiny pool on a farm.
The farmer tells him he is a fool, there is nothing to be caught
But he uses his imagination 
and a myriad of underwater creatures 
cover the pages of this book all in rhyme, Dr. Seuss style.
I created a huge fish 
with fussy cut applique in bright colors and wild prints, 
then he needed a home 
so the end result was a somewhat irregular 6 foot  by 6 foot pond 
full of the creatures in my imagination including an elephant fish and a music fish.
It will be exhibited at Road 2 CA 
a huge quilt show in Ontario, California.
I am so happy that it made it into the show so it can be seen.
It took 2 years to complete 
and I swear if it hadn't been shipped off for the show 
I would still be embellishing it. 
Barbara and I will leave on a Road Trip on Jan 21st!! 
As soon as the show is over I can publish pictures of it
so be sure to come back around January 29th to see it. 
There is so much to look forward to in 2011. 
I am excited to find out what other surprises the new year will bring. 
Live in the moment but anticipate glorious things. 
Cast your dreams!! 
And expect a Happy New Year!!