Thursday, April 8, 2010

Making more jewelry!!

I have taken a vacation from quilting and all things sewing for about 2 weeks now.  All the pressure to be ready for the quilt show is gone and it feels right to rest a little. So where does all that creative energy that keeps flowing through me go?  I am making lots of jewelry and adding new items to my Etsy Shop. (  Here is one of my new favorites. 

 I always finish a piece and think maybe I should just keep it for me.  I do not want to become one of those hoarders though!  So I keep making new things and then I have new favorites. 
These polymer clay disks are so fun to make with scrap balls of clay.  You roll them under a plexiglass square and gently lift at the end and you have nice points in the center of a very round disk.  The pattern on the back is a surprise but you can control the twist and see it magically happening through the clear plexiglass.  A very fun and easy process. 

Well these disks have been sitting in my stash of UFO beads for a little while and then I discovered some wonderful ceramic bell flower shaped beads in a deep blue color.  Really nice glass rich red rounds and I pulled the least used color from the disks, the golden yellow seed beads from my stash and "Voila!"  The disks finally have a home.  I really love the way the bell flowers hang in the dangle earrings.  

I am also trying to use different color ways than I usually pick.  Here are some of the other fun beads that found a home last week.  The pink crackle stone set reminded me of easter eggs.  Unfortunately Easter was so early this year I was a bit behind the ball to promote the set for the holiday.


  I also found some really hot red orange stones in a tear drop shape and they became little angels and dancing goddesses right before my eyes!  The dancing lady has extra long arms just like me. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Alamo Inspirations

As a result of our trip to San Antoinio I was so inspired by all the art in the city and especially in the old buildings.  So much detail in carved stone. So this image of the Alamo at night with all the intricacy shaded was haunting me for days.  ( I guess I did see a ghost LOL) The result: it inspired me to make some beads out of polymer clay that mimic that look.  

Of course I was out of white clay and having no patience to shop and then wait another day to work I plunged in with black clay. The images are from a stamp I love and then after baking the pieces I antiqued them with acrylic paint using a custom blue gray color mix

As usual as I work with the clay ideas for jewelry shapes pop into my mind and I especially like this one.

 Just tiny amounts of the gray paint rubbed on with the pad of my finger brought out all the rugged details and irregular edges.  The look of old stone!!!   

My second favorites, the chunky bracelet and pie shaped earrings.

People have different tastes so here is the look in small, medium and large earrings.

 I am thrilled with the results.  They are thick and chunky like pieces of carved stone but very light weight.  Next batch will be in off white and I think I will try alcohol inks for the shadows. 

My jewelry and extra beads will be for sale in my Etsy shop very soon.  
Go to if you are interested.