Fiber Art

JUNE 25, 2011
My most recent fiber art started back in 2006 when I bought a felting machine. 
I played around with felting fabric scraps, yarns and silk flowers onto a felt background 
and made a piece which has been sitting in my UFO pile for 5 years,
I finally put it to use as the main body of this bag. 

I had to create some new pieces for the sides of the bag that solidified my technique. 

 I covered the pieces with tulle and free motion stitched all over them.  
The bag is lined with a bright orange fabric and four pockets. 

 It holds its shape due to the plactic canvas I stitched together 
and slipped between the quilted layer and the lining. 

The Back Side
Truly a one of a kind conversation piece.  
I am listing it today in my Aquariart Etsy Shop.

February 2011

 I belong to "Art Quilt Ect" Circle of the Desert Quilter's of Nevada Guild.
Every month we have a challenge presented by one of our members.  
The January Challenge cue was"Shelter"
My dear friend Barbara's Christmas gift to me was one of her skillfully hand felted birds 
perched on a tiny wreath
 made from branches she gathered from my willow tree 
before we had to take it down last year.
This meant a lot to me. I cried when they took the tree down. 

my mischeivious cat thought it was for her 
and kept playing with it no matter where I put it in the house. 
That precious little bird needed a safer home.  
Last week I shared some of the quilted then painted items I have been working on. 
The pieces pre-assembly are in that post. 
They were actually practice pieces for the two sided door piece.
Here is my lovely little bird's new home
side view
hung safely out of Gracie's reach. 

She is so happy that she laid 3 polymer clay eggs to start her little family. 

Can't wait for them to hatch!!! LOL
I still have a needle with beading thread attached 
because her vines on the right side of her house 
are going to have berries (magenta seed beads to be purchased to match her wings)
fast food for the babies. 
 Happy Spring to Everyone!! 

Stay tuned for more fiber fun:
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Round Robins 
My new favorite idea: 
"Tell Me How You Would Finish This One"
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