Sunday, November 24, 2013

More Silky Satisfaction

It has been nice to be home and have time to work on some art. 
I have been on a silk painting kick so here are the results of this weeks efforts. 
After letting the gutta dry I painted the first 3 10 inch circles from last post with silk dyes. 
I love the vibrant colors.
Inspired by a tree we started at work for the staff to have a chance to try their hands at silk painting I created a much smaller version of a knarly old tree in the desert sunrise, leaves spewn to the ground just beyond the stream. 

One of my funky retro flowers inspired by the love of lady slippers I haven't seen since my childhood on the east coast. 
Here I am trying my hand at water and sunsets with retro style water plants. 
Yesterday I created 3 more silk 10 inch circles with ladies and flowers as the theme.
First a little girl surrounded by Flora of all kinds. 

Next a Fairy with the Pride of a Peacock. (the feather in her hair)

Last and my favorite a pensive young woman standing beneath a drizzle of wisteria. 
I wonder what or who she is thinking about?
These need to dry and then more fun with the silk dyes begins. 
Have a wonderful creative day and 
Go Patriots tonite!! 

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  1. These are beautiful! I love the vibrant favorites are the retro style flower and water plants.


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