Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Life Happens while we make other plans.....

Major changes are coming about in my life as I know it and I am not sure what they will be so I keep on keeping on with what I know how to do and take life one day sometimes one hour at a time.
I did complete my Ladies of the Woods scarf. Although the color faded a bit I am pretty happy with it. The exception the ash green blonde hair on the one gal. LOL!! I guess if she is a Nymph she can have greenish hair right?
Here are some pictures
I spent a lot of time blending colors to try to get some depth to the flowers which look quite flat  when outlined in gutta.
The salt technique really helped to add texture to the background with the blues and purples creating either a night sky look with tiny stars or water whichever you prefer to think.

I am now working on silk circles with the gutta, they have dried so I will be painting today and tomorrow after we go see the new "THOR" movie.

It is important to excape when life gets overwhelming. I am really good at that. Creating Art keeps me in the moment. 

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