Saturday, October 29, 2011

Four Days of Non-stop Polymer Clay

Looking for my Bead Soup?
I am home alone and look what trouble I was able to get into. 
I spent 4 solid days into the wee hours playing 
with this new Stroppel Technique, 
chopping up old canes and scraps and this is what you get.  
Love it!  
I tried it with 3 different base colors; black, white 
and lastly gold which I was hoping might come out a little like 
Gustav Klimt's quilt in his painting "The Kiss"
Here are some of many creations from this polyholic binge:
This is my favorite piece from the session- It can be either a shawl pin or a hair accessory.
Here is a closer look - it is thoroughly buffed and then antiqued with silver paint. 

A pair of earrings made with trimmed edge scraps from the gold Stropple cane.

A black heart on gold with the Chatoyant- (mica shift) technique.

Ths is a bullet bead - can you see the person standing there?
This was created with Stropple scraps using a mirror image trick. 

Still loving my acorn mold- scraps again.

More autumn leaves. 

Green swirl buttons.

Green blend large button.

Green Swirl Large button.

First Green Blend Shawl Pin.

Second Green Swirl Shawl Pin.

Stay tuned- there is so much more- I just need to photograph all the work.  
Have a Spectacularly Spooky Halloween Y'all!