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July 16th, 2011
The Las Vegas Polymer Clay Guild June Challenge:
"Flora and Fauna"
I have moved it to my main page because, 
Yes it is that good!! 

June 25, 2011: Dragon Sprite

Right here on this page 
I will be hosting a monthly challenge for 
My local polymer clay guild: LVPCG- Las Vegas Polymer Clay Guild.
This month the Challenge is "Flora and Fauna,"
most likely chosen because of the wonderful demo we had
on making frogs.
I had a play day wednesday with clay, 
it started off  at 11:30 am with the intention of making yellow art beads 
for my ABS Challenge piece 
and somehow ended up at midnight with this hilarious creature.
As I struggled to come up with a name 
I was inspired by an old favorite poem- "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll
Here is my 
"Ode to a Dragon"

Early in the morning mists,
the sun’s true light begins to rise.
My sleepy gaze meanders here,
among the gardens bounty bright.

At once my gaze is quite ensnared,
a sight aglow among the leaves.
A visage fierce and yet enchanting
fraught with hues quite fractious.

Where to? dwarfed dragon in the green.
What does your disposition crave?
You seem deserving of esteem,
Is there a worthy name?

His eyes astonished by the sight
of me, a monstrous specter looming.
Twas I who gave such consternation,
he whirled and feigned his expiration.

So the fun begins!
This quasi dragon needs a name.
Join the fun by posting one picture of my dragon on your blog,
suggest a name for him and link to my blog.
Be sure to comment on my home page so I can put your name in the hat.
On July 2nd I will draw a winner who will receive these "Wild Beads"
Who knows they could be dragon eggs and you could hatch your own dragon!!LOL

June 4, 2011: Shades of Green- Spring
I have a huge bowl of clay creations waiting on my dremel to be buffed and beautified.  
I need to set aside a little time each day to work on these and get them in my shop.  
leftover bamboo leaves from the ABS April Challenge.

Barrel beads made from scraps and the last of some Mokume Gane in bright colors

More two sided flower beads made with scrap clay and cane slices

Scraps from the Bamboo leaves create for the April ABS Challenge.

Monochromatic fun! 
These will be added for sale in my heatherp22 etsy shop this week. 

My Angel Shrine- Not finished yet
I have enjoyed seeing a lot of shrines made by mixed media and polymer clay artists 
and wanted to create my own. 
This past week I finally dug it out and got to work 
inspired by the PCAGOE February Challenge- winged creatures.
I purchased this old hinged picture from at my neighbor's yard sale.
I knew one day it would be a great piece to transform.

A tip I learned from my teacher when working with wood;
coat the wood with white glue, elmers is what I used. 
Let it dry and then gently adhere your clay to the wood pieces before baking.
I removed the glass and adhered her body to the little wood removable backing piece. 

Back in October I decided to design my own wings 
for worry dolls and angels for the holiday season.
I made some wings from polymer clay, 
baked them for only 10 minutes 
and then carved into them to create more detail in the feathers.  
I made a mold with two part mold making putty so now I can make wings quickly.
My carved wings and mold
I custom sculpted a face after pressing it into a generic face mold and baked it.  Formed her body over packing peanuts so it would have dimension and finally used my wing mold to make another set of wings, white clay, dusted with macro pearl micro powders, bakedand then antiqued with a darkened silver paint. 

Her dress is a custom skin-toned blend baked and then antiqued with bronze paint to look old.
Roses are fun flowers to make with little thin strips of clay and I made leaves too.  
These all started with white clay which is tinted with alcohol inks before baked.

I am not finished, 
I am plan on making more polymer clay tiles and 
maybe crackle painting the exposed green parts of the frame to make it look older 
but who knows some fiber may end up jumping on board too.  
That will be another day and I will share the finished piece later. 
Happy Claying Clayers!! 

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