Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today and tomorrow- My Artist's Boutique!!

Well it is all set up and I am ready to go today so this is a very brief post.
tick tock, 
tick tock, 
now it is Tuesday already.....

The Artist's Boutique was outstanding, the exact kind of people I need to find.
It was very successful and profitable and I am so greatful for that. 
Also I found a model for my wearable art. 
had a fabulous photo shoot out at Red Rock with my new model-Reanna,
a lovely yound woman studying to be a nurse. 
The cloudy skies made for perfect lighting and I can't wait to upload all the pictures. 
 I have hundreds of photos to edit and 
Thanksgiving dinner to prepare 
so come on back on Saturday November 26th.
I should have some of them finished and up by then.