Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Raggedy Bags!!!

My latest stash busting project has been making what I have named: 
"Raggedy Bags". 
I have seen bags and rugs made from braided fabric strips. 
But I haven't seen my technique out there yet.
I crochet 1" strips of fabric that are tied together with square knots. 
This one has an adjustable fabric handle and one of my polymer clay buttons.

Here I added one of my resin faces. 
The bags are also reversible.  
The side in the picture has all the knots 
and the inside is knot free!

They are very sturdy, colorful, machine washable
 and meant to fray and distress a little so 
DO put them in the dryer they just get better and better. 

I use mine to carry things like my wet bathing suit home from pool parties,
 produce from the market, 
anything that needs a soft and washable bag to cushion it.  
I plan on making zippered pouches with a coordinating fabric 
so valuables will not sneak out the natural holes in the crocheted cloth.