Saturday, February 12, 2011

My head is still spinning!!

Dreams do come true!!! Woohoo!! 
And sometimes things happen you haven't even dreamed of yet. 
I am amazed at the snow ball effect that is happening to me this year 
and I am working very hard to keep my heart and head from exploding with joy and excitement 
and I must admit just a little tiny bit of fear I just keep pushing aside. 
I just had a photo shoot yesterday for the !! 
It is a free publication distributed in the city at places like 
the Neiman Marcus Cafe in Fashion Show Mall downtown!! 
Yes, I am still shaking because I can't believe this is happening.
I will be in the March 2011 issue! 
The photographer, Michael and his loft mates were young and hip and their studio was amazing.
They all loved the suitcase full of my goodies I brought for the shoot. 
As soon as I arrived I felt more relaxed and they made the shoot really fun.  
I had to lay down on the floor under a really large sheet of glass 
and my items were laid on top of the glass all around my face.  
A very creative way to photograph me and my art work. 
It was thrilling to finally meet the wonderful "Ida" who said: 
"I am an etsy addict and when I found your Glam Wrist Pin Cushions

Felted Scarves

I was in love."
She writes the articles and chooses artists and 
then presents them to her editor for the magazine. 
I let her choose one of the Glam Cuffs as a thank you for choosing me.  
My friend Barbara drove and helped fix my hair and arranged the items 
because when you are propped up on your elbows you can't do any of that yourself 
and then...
drum roll...............
I, who was so high on adrenalin and joy was completely oblivious to my friends crafty ways.  
Barbara whisked me off to a surprise celebration hosted by another 
wonderful, kind and awesome friend Teresa, 
who graciously hosted a surprise celebration for me!  
She had decked out the table in white lace, a vase of roses,
crystal champagne glasses complete with champagne and sliced strawberries, 
popcorn and some of the nicest people I have ever met here in Las Vegas. 
They insisted I drag in my suitcase of goodies 
so they could ooh, aah and touch all of them 
and it looks like I have sold my most recent items before I can even list them in my shop. 
What a fun day!! I am still feeling the effects today!  
The future will tell how this will effect my little Etsy Shop business so 
I plan on being very busy creating.  
Still awaiting my bead soup ingredients so I will post about that when they come!! 
Happy Weekend Everyone!!