Saturday, May 22, 2010

Remember the song "Bo Jangles"?

I don't know exactly why this bracelet made me think of that song but here it is. "Bo Jangles"

 I think all the dangles and chain inspired a tambourine like sound in my head.  
I can't remember to take my memory herbs so why would I remember where I got these rich swirly colored and textured beads but now that I have used them I want more!! 
I am trying to get serious about making an inventory of my supplies and suppliers so I don't end up in this situation.  Organization is not a natural state for me but I truly need it in my life.  It is little things like this that remind me how helpful it would be to keep the flow going. 
My first contest!! 
I would love to hear from you:  
How do you organize your supplies and suppliers?
I will randomly select a winner from all the people who leave comments and helpful tips regarding this issue here on my blog.
The Prize:
Two of my two -sided flower beads!  
Here is the front
and here is the back

I have not drilled the holes in these yet so the Winner will have a say where he/she would like said holes. 
So post your Tips.  
I will announce the winner here on Sunday, June 6th.
The winner will need to contact me with shipping info so I can mail them their fabulous prize.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ooooooooo precious,

Remember that ugly naked troll like creature in "The Lord of the Rings"?  What was his name?   I will be crouched in the bushes (and there are not that many in the desert therefore I will be clothed so I don't get arrested for extremely (at my age, just trust me)  indecent exposure and miss the deadline) 
stalking my Postman whispering; "Oooooo, precious, where is my precious...."
I can't wait to get this lovely treasure from my Bead Soup Buddy!!  She allowed me a sneak peek which means my mind is already churning with design ideas and those are my most favorite colors, how did she know that!!! There is something very "tingly" about all this.
Here is my treasure:
My Bead Soup Buddy is Emanda Johnson. She is a jewelry artist who combines unique assortments of lamp work beads, pearls, precious stones and what not into lovely designs.  She makes very beautiful rosary bead sets also.  
Click HERE to see her blog 
HERE to go to her Etsy Shop. 
Thank you for the lovely ingredients Emanda I hope my soup is good enough to eat!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sneak Peek at Bead Soup...

The ingredients for the bead soup have been shipped off to my partner Emanda Johnson.  Here is a sneak peek, Shhhhhh... I wonder if she will check my blog during the week.
 I had to make an emergency trip to my second favorite bead store in town, Bead Haven, to find a really nice brass closure for this .  Mission accomplished but it got in the bag before I could take a picture.  
These are some of the off-white Alamo inspired beads I made from polymer clay.  I stamped both sides by squeezing thick sheets of clay between two different stamps then cut them out and roughed the edges with crinkled aluminum foil. Next the clay was tinted with alcohol inks and then baked.  Last I spray two coats of an archival quality acrylic protectant so the alcohol inks will not react to perfume or hairspray. There were several things about the Alamo that inspired me; the carved limestone, the rough hand hewn wood and the wrought iron decor on windows, gates.... That is why I included the wood beads and the brass components.  I am very anxious to see what Emanda will do with these beads!!