Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ooooooooo precious,

Remember that ugly naked troll like creature in "The Lord of the Rings"?  What was his name?   I will be crouched in the bushes (and there are not that many in the desert therefore I will be clothed so I don't get arrested for extremely (at my age, just trust me)  indecent exposure and miss the deadline) 
stalking my Postman whispering; "Oooooo, precious, where is my precious...."
I can't wait to get this lovely treasure from my Bead Soup Buddy!!  She allowed me a sneak peek which means my mind is already churning with design ideas and those are my most favorite colors, how did she know that!!! There is something very "tingly" about all this.
Here is my treasure:
My Bead Soup Buddy is Emanda Johnson. She is a jewelry artist who combines unique assortments of lamp work beads, pearls, precious stones and what not into lovely designs.  She makes very beautiful rosary bead sets also.  
Click HERE to see her blog 
HERE to go to her Etsy Shop. 
Thank you for the lovely ingredients Emanda I hope my soup is good enough to eat!!


  1. When you posted "ooo precious" on my blog, I thought for a moment you were referring to Golem from the 'Lord of the Rings', but your photo is way too cute for that, so I whisked it out of my mind -- silly me!

    I looked through your blog and guessed you liked purple, blue and green -- glad to know I 'chose wisely' ;^)

    This going to be a n absolutely fabulous bead soup party!


  2. I just wanted to add that I am waiting, with baited breath, for the Alamo stone beads you made for me for this challenge. My mind is reeling with the design possibilities too.

    P.S. Thanks for posting my blog and Etsy addresses -- you're so sweet!

  3. What a lovely treasure trove!
    Emanda is a doll.
    Looking forward to the soup you make!
    (P.S. I don't know if it is just me, but I had a really hard time reading your post with blue on black. I actually had to copy and paste it into a Word document!)
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Hi Heather!

    I just got back from checking my mail box -- Skweeee! the beads are even more beautiful in person and they are light as a feather, not like a ton of rocks! I'm already in design mode!


    P.S. I'm with Erin, blue on black is hard for eyes "of a certain age".


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