Saturday, October 22, 2011

My little time fairy...

If you are looking for my bead soup click HERE
Autumn is here and I feel so invigorated by the cooler weather. 
 I no longer have to walk my dogs at the crack of dawn 
to keep from overheating them and myself.  
There really is nothing better than a brisk walk in the cool morning air 
facing a gorgeous sunrise. 
An old hymn I loved plays in my head each morning:
"as I fall on my knees with my face to the rising sun,
Oh lord, have mercy on me...."

I love a challenge but I don't always make the deadlines.  

(She needs a name!!) 
Help me! see contest info at the end of this post. 
She is very mischeivious, I caught her trying to hide chocolate in my portulaca...
This little munchkin 
is my entry for my Polymer Clay Guild's challenge: 
"A Stitch in Time"
and my Art Quilt September Challenge: 
"use hand dyed pleated silk to create something". 
(Why not kill two birds with one stone- 
because I love birds!!! 
I would rather make one creation that suits two purposes.)
I sculpted her face, hands and feet from polymer clay 
and then painted her face.
She has a tiny wire needle in her right hand. 
The clock is made from Tim Holtz metal clock parts 
I made into a mold.
Here she is Busting a Move- "Trying to take off"
Her wings are created with wire and 
(the sheet form of angelina fibers-
which by the way comes in many wonderful colors) 
They got really beat up while I was sewing her little dress
(another lesson learned the hard way)
so I will need to take them off and remake them. 
Here she is supine, resting from all the hard work 
of trying to fly with her damaged wings.
PS- that white stuff under her is the fantastic tile 
my husband brought home for me. Isn't it awesome?!
She is a chocoholic too- thus the roly poly belly 
which is stuffed with wool batting scraps inside gathered felt
and adorned with pleated hand dyed silks and rose ribbon 
from my fabulous friends at Vegas Airs
Sandy and Diane (the owners) are extremely talented and creative doll makers. 
I am thrilled to call them my friends, teachers and inspirators!! 
Please take a minute and go visit their website
They sell great supplies, many of which they make themselves 
and they have online classes.  
It is so fun to see their creations, so detailed and exquisite.
If you love Halloween you will love this doll.

So if you feel inclined to give this little fairy a real name 
please leave your suggested name in a comment on this post.
I will choose the name I think is most fitting next Saturday- October 30th> 
The winning name creator will receive a surprise gift handmade by me!!!
 please leave your email 
come back next Saturday to see if you won 
so I can get your shipping info.  

And Have a Wonderful Fall Weekend!