Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kokopelli Inspired Jewelry Set

I have been dreaming about this necklace since I visited Evie and Beth 
over at EB Bead and Metal Works blog and saw 
the wonderful little enameled kokopelli pendants they created.  
Had to have one and I was so excited when it came in the mail.

 I am a musician and majored in music playing the flute in college.  
Kokopellis have special meaning to me the magic of music is part of their trickster nature.  
To learn more click HERE.
I wanted to make a tiny flute 

beads that express the Southwest to surround this little fellow with color.

Inspired by the black and lilac enamel colors 
I added fire in my polymer clay beads, a mix of metallic red and gold 
because I always think of kokopellis as playing around a camp fire at night.  
If you look closely you see black burning logs, 
eternity beads purposely uneven and rustic, 
fibers woven in to suggest the clothing one may wear.  

I wire wrapped the pendant to hang it in an antiqued copper odd shaped ring 
and wired the spray of tubular beads below to imitate native american style jewelry.  
I had enough related beads to also create a bracelet to match.
I have been inspired by the works of Stephanie HERE is her blog.
You will see how her use of fiber and unusual beads inspired this bracelet.  
I even used some garden wire which comes wrapped in raffia to make the bead in the front of this picture.
I especially enjoyed making my donut beads you see one behind wire wrapped to the copper ring. 
They all polished up really nicely so a total of two long days of labor is finally ready to share.
Enjoy this Labor Day Weekend!!

I am very happy with how this came out, 
especially the color combination.  
Thanks to Evie and Beth for the inspirational little guy!! 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Damselflies and Funky Lizards...two sides of my personality.

I have been visited by these alien looking creatures all week, 
perhaps due to the drop in temperature here in the desert, 
which has been so pleasant. 
Dragonflies have lived on earth for more the 180 million years, 
proving their ability to survive and adapt.  
They are creatures of two realms, water and air. 
I share the love of both, the need for sun and warmth and the freedom of flight. 
 I have always wished and dreamed of flying, 
but silently on delicate wings 
able to stop and hover and soak up the beauty all around me. 
So today 
I closed my eyes and imagined riding a damselfly 
skimming over clear sparkling water, 
hovering over the garden wall to choose the most beautiful flower to rest upon. 
Her iridescent wings refracted the sunlight 
creating a dazzling display of light and color all around me.  
The moment was magic 
but sadly illusive 
as are the last lingering days of summer. 
One tear shed for the end of summer's glory
One sigh as the heat wanes,
One smile,
 for the colors of autumn foretell
the promise of winter slumber
like a bedtime story. 

Now, on to the business of Mr. Lizard!!
I am shaking the tin full of tiny slips of paper with all your names on them!!!!
Here we go:
The winner of 
Your Choice of my Steam Punk Pendants is........
Julianna Cannon!!!
click Jul's Beads
 to take a look at her gorgeous and incredible lampwork glass beads!!! 

Jul's name for Mr. Lizard:

Meet "Chaz"  the Macho Bedazzled Lizard of Las Vegas.

I will just have to make more lizards 
so they can each have one of your very creative names! 
Thank you all for participating.
please email me your shipping info 
and a description of the pendant you would like to have.
Look at my Sunday, August 15th post to see your choices.