Sunday, October 20, 2013

Catching Up With Time

Here I am finally making time- eeking it out of my weekends and evenings so that I can be prepared for the Annual Artist's Sale I peddle my wares at in November.
First I had to come up with some new items to add to my inventory and created this felted necklace to indicate my Fiber Art in the Brochure. 

Yes it is a bit fuzzy and dark but that is what I think of when winter approaches due to the fact that I grew up on the East Coast. 
I have also been crocheting the always popular fingerless gloves, hats and sorting through polymer clay items. 
Crocodile Stitch trimmed Gloves and a Stroppell-Technique Shawl Pin

Autumn Hue Twisted Cowl and Polymer Hair or Shawl Pin
Then because the use of "Gutta Resists" has become the new rage at work- Thanks to "MOI"!!
I had to get mine out and get ready to paint some amazing silk scarves. 
Here is the beginning of "Ladies of the Wild". 
Accidents do happen when applying Gutta.
I have a few smudges where the plastic over my designs and under the silk stuck to the scarf and then smeared when I removed it. I always tell my students that an artist makes lemonade from lemons so I may add a few more ghost images like I created here. 
In this section the white gutta is not dry yet and looks like yellow gel. The stamen from the large flower at the bottom center dragged and printed on the back of the silk just above it to the left.  Actually I think this could be a happy mistake once the color is applied. 
I combined copper, black and antique gold gutta with the clear so that my flowers and greenery will hopefully have some depth. I can't wait to finish the designs and start painting. The main reason I took time to write this post- I am trying very hard to be patient and let it dry. 
I also have 3 designs in mind for my next scarves.  Here they are. 

I think I have waited long enough so I am off to work on the "Ladies of the Wild"!!
Have a nice weekend.