Thursday, March 31, 2011

MARABS Challenge and 15% off coupon available to celebrate First Friday in April May and June

If I don't post this weekend please forgive me as I have had 2 craft shows in a less than a week, 
already posted twice this week (BLAH, blah, blah)  and had several deadlines to meet. 
One of which was the 
March ABS Challenge:
(click above to see the inspiration and links to see all the entries)
 Here is my "Tahitian Dreams" Necklace 
inspired by Gaugin's Painting: "Sacred Spring, Sweet Dreams"

Doesn't it just make you want to dance barefoot on a tropical island 
and swing those hot colored beads around your head? 
It is a very long but adjustable necklace.
 32 inches around!! 

Those tickly little fiber tassels land right on the collar bones 
looking like whimsical little flowers, semi-lai-ish. 
When I uploaded my pictures to Flickr I wrote wonderful long descriptions of my process. tags...
and guess what?
I forgot to click save (imbecil- me not you) 
so they are magically gone. 
I am a little miffed so I won't do it again today, maybe tomorrow, but not today. 
Hate that!!! 
Love this:
The good news,
I had one really long bead making day yesterday,
8 am to 12:30 am got up this morning and added the finishing touches
photographed before 10 am and uploaded to the Art Bead Scene Group on Flickr  
with a few minutes to run to the store for creamer 
before my friend Diane was arrived for a visit at 10:30. 
(for rarely am I not the Queen of the Last Minute, Race to the Deadline Gal)
and this time I left some skin on my finger tips when I sanded and buffed my beads with my dremel.  Last time,  well I will spare the gore and say: 
"I didn't know that sanding could remove that much skin" 
and my husband said: 
"Is that the Michael Jackson look you are trying out?"
"Just Sand it.....,Sand it....., this sure ain't how you planned it!!
Skin off the fingers, down to the flesh,
stings quite a bit 'cause these wounds are fresh...
Just sand it...., sand it........"
(to the tune of "Beat It")
(bandages and a couple weeks off from sanding and buffing- all is good)
Hope I made you laugh! 
Shop and Save!!! ARTS and CRAFTS Spring Shows
For Locals I am vending at First Fridays in April, May and June this year
right outside of Studio8ten on corner of S. Las Vegas Blvd and Gas Ave.
I can now proudly accept mastercard and visa and will be collecting sales tax for the state of Nevada.
Yes,  I am officially in business!!!
 What is First Friday?  
A potpourri of local artists, musicians and vendors all celebrating life and art in our own 
"Glitter City"
(Las Vegas)
Here is the flyer:


WALKERS- If you are concerned about walking over to Studio8ten from the Arts Factory area off Charleston watch for escorts.  There are volunteers who will accompany you all the way to and from the Studio.  PS They will have flyers with special discounts and free raffle tickets to entice you to come. 
Actually you may want to start there as the parking behind the studio in the Law firm parking lot on 4th is free.  If you take the 15 to Charleston heading east simply take a left on 4th, you will see a large law firm on the right a couple blocks down where the parking is free and the back door to the studio is right there.  Tents will be set up in back and walk through the studio to see several vendors including moi in front. 
There will be live music, raffles and children's art activities so you can shop without distractions.

Studio8ten is one location of the Transition Services Inc. non-profit organization that employs people with disabilities and you will be amazed at the products they make and sell too.  It is well worth the trip. 

If you attend First Friday and please do join the fun,
 I will be passing out coupons with the code for 15% off 
on online purchases from my two shops; Aquariart and Heatherp22 Shop.
Come by and get one - you will be glad you did because
  it will be good for any purchases made online 
the first two weeks of each month April, May and June 2011!!!
In addition I will offer 10% off anything you buy at First Fridays in April, May and June.

For my out of town Blogger friends- 
you can use this code to receive the 15% off the first 2 weeks of each month; April, May and June: 1stFriday15
I have to include you because, well 
I like you and wish you could all be there to celebrate with me.
Oh Happy Day!!
I am done talking this week!!!! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hey I am still here during the week... just busy

I stopped in to say: "Psst-
(click the giant sentence to go directly there)
I may put a couple in the Aquariart shop too as they qualify as Fiber Art. 
I hope to gather my audience around this concept of creating fiber art to wear. 
I know it is not just my idea.
It really is very comfortable to wear perhaps due to the fact that most of us 
(nudists and neanderthals excluded)- * read the fine print
 (no harm intended just a joke)
have already worn fabric most of our lives
beginning with the dreaded diaper. 
(Hopefully I won't have to revert to that style in old age!!) LOL
I just happened upon a wonderful giveaway this morning over at
Marcie's - La Bella Joya
 She is celebrating her 300th sale on Etsy!!
You can see why when you look at her shop 
She not only makes meticulously amazing beaded items 
but sells tutorials for her beautiful designs 

she has lovely fingernails-
I am guessing she doesn't work in clay! LOL
she is having a sale too!! 
(click here to get a coupon)
Click HERE to find out how to enter the giveaway. 
DISCLAIMER: This post is purposely remedial for beginner clickers.  
Anything large and colorful will take you somewhere. 
Hopefully to the places I am talking about. 
I reserve the right to make mistakes though as I am menopausal... LOL
Have a great week- Back to work - it's a polymer clay play day!!