Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hey I am still here during the week... just busy

I stopped in to say: "Psst-
(click the giant sentence to go directly there)
I may put a couple in the Aquariart shop too as they qualify as Fiber Art. 
I hope to gather my audience around this concept of creating fiber art to wear. 
I know it is not just my idea.
It really is very comfortable to wear perhaps due to the fact that most of us 
(nudists and neanderthals excluded)- * read the fine print
 (no harm intended just a joke)
have already worn fabric most of our lives
beginning with the dreaded diaper. 
(Hopefully I won't have to revert to that style in old age!!) LOL
I just happened upon a wonderful giveaway this morning over at
Marcie's - La Bella Joya
 She is celebrating her 300th sale on Etsy!!
You can see why when you look at her shop 
She not only makes meticulously amazing beaded items 
but sells tutorials for her beautiful designs 

she has lovely fingernails-
I am guessing she doesn't work in clay! LOL
she is having a sale too!! 
(click here to get a coupon)
Click HERE to find out how to enter the giveaway. 
DISCLAIMER: This post is purposely remedial for beginner clickers.  
Anything large and colorful will take you somewhere. 
Hopefully to the places I am talking about. 
I reserve the right to make mistakes though as I am menopausal... LOL
Have a great week- Back to work - it's a polymer clay play day!! 

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  1. Haha! Thanks so much! My favorite thing from your shop is the Bronze Damsel Pendant Necklace. Just gorgeous!


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