Friday, December 10, 2010

The Boulder City Gingerbread House Contest- Today!!

 I just had to share the fun I had this week with my daughter Jessie (28) and so creative.
We created an entry for the Gingerbread House Contest 
which is a home for aquatic creatures
We had so much fun.  
She drew the design and made all the templates, 
I mixed the dough and frosting and baked all the pieces.  
First we decorated and assembled the standing walls;
 glued the sides to the main piece , propped the sides to form the angle and 
let it dry overnight in my office where my mischievious feline, Gracie could not get into it.  
Here is the first picture of our masterpiece in progress.
 Next Jessie mounted it on the board standing and filled the base with Rock Candy.
Then came the real fun.
Decorating and creating all kinds of creatures.  She did a fabulous hermit crab- 
I made the octopus
 and we both created sea urchins, clams, anenomes, starfish......
All from candy and royal frosting (sweet cement)!
We even added an aquatic Tree. I bet you didn't know they celebrate Christmas Under-the-Sea!
Today I will do my best to get it to the show in one piece.
The entries will be auctioned off and the money goes to charity.
For my local friends:
My friend Barbara and I will be selling our wares in the Christmas Market 
at this event from 11:00- 9:00 pm today. 
For more info click here:
Have a delicious day!! 

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