Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Items!!

I have been madly creating special orders.  
I several of my glam wrist pin cushions- I think photographing the lot of them is what attracted my buyers.
Gone are the turquoise and the olive with oak leaves 
but you can still get the others in this picture. 
I crochet over 3/4" waistband elastic so one size fits all. 
Each one has a hand felted wool center for carrying your pins and 
machine felted and free-motion stitched petals or leaves 
and I hand beaded them with sequins and little bits of bling. 
Here is a close-up of my newer turquoise one - not in the picture above. 
Thus the Glamor!! 

For your convenience and because you are all very special to me
I am now able to let you purchase items in this post 
through Pay Pal directly from the Add to Cart Buttons. 
Be sure to use the scroll menu on the left to select your choice
before you click the add to cart button. For example there are 6 color choices for my Glam Wrist Pin Cushion Cuffs so select the one you want then click the Add to Cart Button. 
So Simple and Fast!! 
I am pretty sure if you order by Monday I can get it to you for Christmas. 
Custom orders however will need to be set up through my Etsy Shop.

Glam Wrist Pin Cushion colors

While I am showing my wearable fiber art
 Here is the newest Scarf- more like a luscious whirly boa- six feet long.  
I love this one and I want to keep it but wouldn't mind making it again - it was fun. 
Whirly Blues Crocheted Boa Scarf

I still have the smooch attracting Mistletoe Earrings available for 
everyone who needs a good kiss for the Holidays. 
Mistletoe Earrings.
metal choice

This is a long post but please keep reading because there are
LAST AND ONLY CHANCE to get items below from my friend Barbara 
Click here to see her shop: Woolcrafter on Etsy.
She makes the most adorable and unique ornaments from chenille sticks, 
the old fashioned bumpy ones. 
Her Pet ornaments are so adorable. 
use the Add to Cart button

 THIS ITEM is NOT in her shop. 

and it comes delivered in a gift box!!


  1. OMG those pin cushions are amazing! And your banner on your blog rocks!


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