Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mt Charleston Fair, Steam Punk Adventure and more....

Large Steam Punk Pendant
I am finally getting around to playing with 

my Steam Punk Resin pieces.
But First:

The Mt Charleston Fair
(click to see a picture of the beautiful hotel)
was really fun!  

It was a great venue for all of our Handmade In Vegas Etsy Team shops. 
The hotel is rustic and beautiful and fortunately I was inside 
so I missed the deluge of rain and wind some of our people had to deal with. 
I loved meeting people face to face and seeing what items attract them. 
The thrill of a comment like: 
" I just have to have that!! 
It's wonderful."
Chain Gang Set

Calliope of Color Set

"This is not just 
it is jewelry art!"

I was pleasantly surprised
 to have quite a few
 of my hand knit 
crocheted items sell.  

My free form crochet
Squirrel's Treasure
found a new home.                                     

(Aside- Those were some of my older pictures- 
I can see quite an improvement in my picture taking this year)

Squirrel's Treasure Purse Front and Back
All in all it was a very pleasant experience, I made some money 
and I would like to participate in more arts and crafts shows.
On to the steam punk pieces....
I poured a large batch of resin into little bottle caps, some of my polymer clay pieces
and as it started to thicken I needed to use up the remainder quickly 
this very large pendant used up the resin.

There are all kinds of watch parts and a big rusty key and copper micro beads
 in this recycled mint tin.
I found a very chunky brass chain to hang it on on there you go:
My first "Man Bling"!!
The smaller pendants are wonderful too. 
I could sell them on very simple neckwires 
great unisex attire
but I think I will play around this week with more elaborate 
designs for some of them.
Here are some of the Steam Punk variety close up:

I also did some ocean theme pieces 

one of these sold at the Fair
Poppy Seed Heads I had from my WA garden

Thanks again to Christine over at 
for her great advice on how to attach the bails to these caps. 
The 2 part epoxy was easy and the bails are very secure.
Visit her blog for wonderful glass art, mixed media and more. 
That's all for today- Happy Sunday!! 


  1. I love those Steam Punk pendants - cool! The larger Steam Punk pendant is awesome!

  2. "This is not just
    it is jewelry art!"

    That is SUCH a wonderful thing to hear -- and I agree!

  3. Maravilloso, me gusta todo!!!

  4. Love the squirrel treasure purse. Glad you had a good show and made money. I think the little resin pendants are so cute, love the little birds, also the larger mint tin pendant., that is art! Have a great week.

  5. Heather, I adore the steampunk pieces!!! Just gorgeous. I love them because they work for everyone. Just lovely. AND it sounds like you had a great time. I haven't worked Art Fairs yet, but really want to try it soon. I struggle w/boutique consignment and the % they want (usually 50%) versus selling my own pieces at fairs. Hum...Have a great night :-) Sheila

  6. Even more of your work that I am now a fan of! :) What a great way to create a steampunk piece with character, you have so many great crafts~!


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