Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Praying Manic

July brought the following to me: 
a week vacation at Redondo Beach with my wonderful sister and family, 
my niece coming home with me for a week so I could play Mommie for a bit, 
health issues don't care to share lost 4 days , 
Jury Duty lost 2 more days 
... and 
my first Craft Fair at Mt. Charleston Resort tomorrow, Sunday Aug 8th 10 am-4 pm.  
I am both excited and terrified I will never be ready.  
So I am off to continue creating my inventory on excel 
creating my display boards and tagging items.  
I can't believe how much wonderful stuff I have created in the last 4 years.  
I hope it sells so I don't have to drag it all back home. 
This is me today "The Praying Manic" 
(purposely miss spelled) 

Please ask the Fair Fairy to be good to me, I will owe you a favor.  
After the fair I will try to be more active here.  Join in the award game .... 
I have so many favorite Bloggers now after participating in the Bead Soup Challenge 
it will be very hard to pick only 7! 

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  1. I'm probably in the minority, but I think he's so cute!! Anxious to hear how your craft fair was! Have a great night...Sheila


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