Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meet Reanna, my new model!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 
 I for one have so much to be grateful for 
and fresh in my heart is my wonderful volunteer model, Reanna. 
Reanna is a 22 year old College Gal studying to become a Nurse. 
We took a ride out to Red Rock and took pictures on a couple of the trails. 
The rock backgrounds and shrubbery were fabulous.  
It was clouded over so even though the photos were a bit bright 
we were able to spend a lot more time than usual 
and avoid the harsh shadows of our usual desert sun.  
Here are some of the fabric scarves I made for my Artist Boutique Sale- 
and retakes of the Raggedy Bags I have left ON SALE for $15- 
I will be listing these items this week in my Aquariart Etsy shop

Mini Blues Scarf
Maxi Blues Scarf
Turquoise Plaid Scarf
Blue-Green Boa Scarf
Magenta Burn-out Organza Scarf
Desert Paint Ruffle Scarf
Purple Haze Organza Boa Scarf
Red Haze Organza Boa Scarf
Fiesta Ribbon Hairpin Lace Scarf 
My own design- Zig Zag Scarf in Soy Silk blend
Flower Lady Raggedy Bag
Southwest Hued Raggedy Bag
Lovin' Lavender Raggedy Bag
Garden Delight Raggedy Bag
Come on back to see more next week!  
Heather - Aquariart

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  1. Beautiful girl to showcase beautiful products! Love those scarves, especially the colorful hairpin one. Great photos!


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