Saturday, December 10, 2011

To Blog or not to Blog....

The Good news-
First of all I chose a winner- 
Beth from EB Metalworks shared her inspiration thoughts 
and won the crochet cuff in my Giveaway last week.  
Congrats to Beth!! 

The Bad News-
Now I have fiddled all morning with Google conversations 
trying to figure out why I suddenly got a message 
saying I have reached my storage limit 
and can no longer upload pictures.  
This is very frustrating and really google, 
shame on you !
in this economy you decide to take advantage of your customers 
with no notice and suddenly require payment for extra storage.  Especially right now during the holiday season-
 Bah Humbug!! 

If anyone has more info about how to rectify this situation 
please get in touch with me.  
For now I have to leave you with a pictureless post.  
I have officially nicknamed 
Google -
 "The Grinch"!! 

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