Sunday, November 6, 2011

More clay, much more clay

I had a marathon week with polymer clay because my husband has been out of town 
and I could leave my work space messy and ready for 4 days in a row!! 
Love it when I don't have to put everything away and drag it all out again the next day. 
Then I had to catch the early sunrise at the right moments to photograph it all.  
It seems like the sun rises faster this time of year- 
the angle is different in my backyard giving my a very short window 
before big shadows start appearing.
I may have to switch to the front yard. 
here are some of the lovely pieces I created:

I experimented with a new technique called the Stroppel cane 
using different base colors, black, white and gold. 

This is a great way to use up old canes and scraps of clay. 
I also made 3 Mokume Gane buttons for my crochet student to choose from for her felted bag.

What I do with scraps- make beads.
Mokume Gane layered on scraps from the buttons
The same color combo sliced in the Natashia Bead technique and then twisted.
I love how this one came out, especially after it is all sanded and buffed. 
These were made with a variation of the bargello technique.
If there is enough scrap clay I make a button.
Chatoyant scraps made this bead. 
Note what polymer clay does to my poor hands- so dry. 

And these were made with scraps from some foiled pieces I worked on 
that are not ready to be seen because they need to be painted first.  
I should be able to post them for  BTW. (Bead Table Wednesday)
 I try to make at least one mold each clay session- 
Here is a tiny leaf mold for disk beads or buttons.
I used a leaf button from Walmart and then hand sculpted the surrounding texture.  
I have been extremely productive this month as I get ready for 
The Artist's Boutique I was invited to sell at coming up November 19 and 20th.  
This is a local event by invitation only-
 if you are local and interested in coming shoot me an email. 
I have whipped up 7 more crochet scarves and 4 sets of fingerless gloves.
With my sewing machine I have been sewing twirly tucked organza scarves. 
More pictures of those next week! 
Have a great weekend and enjoy your extra hour sponsored by Daylight Savings Time!! 



  1. Beautiful beads, pendants, and buttons Heather, I love all the different colors you used. I enjoy leaving my stuff out when I'm working also it is a pain to get it out and put it back up everyday.

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed the 4 days of "no cleaning up" claying. And I'm please you tried the Stroppel cane. I think the pieces you created are really lovely.


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