Friday, July 2, 2010

Girlz just wanna have fun!!

It is Friday!!!
Don't you just feel like you need to get out 
and shake your booty sometimes. 
 I go to Zumba class at the gym and dance my heart away 
I do have a secret desire,
I want  to learn to Tango and Rumba with a Latin Stud!!!  
I had a great dream one night I was dancing with Antonio Banderas.

 I woke up so "Hot and Wired"
 I have been married for 35 years now so instead of going 
Wild and Crazy 
I have been trying to make some 
wild and crazy jewelry. 
Here is my 
"Hot and Wired" bracelet.
Not your typical bracelet but that is the whole point. 
Who really wants to be typical anyway?
It all started when I rescued some orphan lamp work beads from ddfromscratch
She sent me a great little package full of a variety of little lamp work beads.  
I have had this bright red wire hanging around for awhile 
and I felt compelled to use my coiling gizmo. 
So I made a long piece of coiled wire,
cut it into equal lengths to create coiled tubes, 
 wired up all the lamp work beads,
 then slipped them onto memory wire, with black beads as spacers, 
curled the ends of the memory wire and joined the magnetic clasp 
and VOILA!!  
A Wild and Crazy Bracelet for a Wild and Crazy Girl!! 

Who is the Man of your dreams that gets you all "Hot and Wired" ladies? 
If you share your fantasy in the comments below 
I will put your name once in the hat for a chance to 
win this pair of earrings.

They are hand hammered by me using recycled copper wire 
and some beautiful blue druk, green cats eye and green crackled beads.
If you share this give away on your blog and comment below to let me know 
I will enter your name twice
For thrice (3) entries 
share this post on Facebook or Twitter also and let me know here. 
The random drawing for the winner will be 
Monday, July 5th so hurry and tell your story!! 


  1. Love the bracelet. That's a fun piece!

  2. Hi Heather,

    Love the bracelet and the idea of a wild and crazy -- anything! You asked about our dream guys -- well, I married mine. The moment I met him, my heart went all aflutter and when he spoke my knees went week (still do!) He has an amazingly sexy voice like velvet or rich coffee spiked with brandy.

    I chased him until he caught me!

  3. Hi Heather! Love the bracelet and the name of the bracelet. The earrings are fab!
    Glad you liked the kokapelli pendants. Once my friend has chosen the one she wants I will let you know when I post them. Of course you will have to fight Juls for one of them :)
    No, really, if there is one that floats your boat, let us know and we can make one for you. You can covos me on Etsy.
    I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July.
    Oh, man of my dreams is one who will mow my lawn, clear the snow from the drive and cooks, clean and do laundry.

  4. Beautiful earrings and great pic of Antonio!

  5. Well Heather,
    I love the wild and crazy bracelet- It is just so funky and cool. I have been married to my wild and crazy guy for nearly 30 years- Mr Blue eyes is one caring and fun guy who makes me feel special still after 30 years.
    Enjoy your bracelet-
    It is nice to discover your blog -
    I am a kindergarten teacher in my professional life and quilting is my passion. I also play in the beads but making nothing as elaborate as your beautiful pieces.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  6. Adorable bracelet!! Love it. Hope all is going well. Happy creating!! Sheila


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