Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mr Lizard with his coat of many colors!!

Meet Mr. Lizard-
Sometimes my imagination goes to places I have never been before.  
This wonderful prop he is scaling 
I rescued from my neighbor's trash on Monday.  
It is the skeleton of a dead cactus- so cool!!

I haven't watched any of the Discovery Channel's Dinosaur programs, 
I haven't seen any lizards this summer 
there is a slight resemblance to my dog, 

with whom I have spent a lot of up close time 
trying to get him to let me brush his teeth. 
Which really is quite hilarious!
Durango rarely seen without his ball in tote.

Back to Mr. Lizard.
He needs a very special name.  
So here is the challenge- 
Put on your most creative thinking cap and send me what you think 
is his most appropriate name.  
I will write your suggestion on a small piece of paper,
 put it in my specially selected canister with all the others, 
and on Wednesday, Sept 1st shake, shake, shake and choose one.  
The person whose name is randomly chosen 
will win their choice of my steam punk pendants-
(sorry the big chunky one will not be included) 
Any of the bird, steam punk or ocean resin bottle cap pendants are eligible as a prize. 
Go to my August 15th post to see the pendants.


  1. Hi I love this lizard. He looks like a Barnabas to me.

  2. That is one hip and colorful lizard, Heather! He looks like quite the man, er, lizard, about town, lazing by the pool, drinking a Fly Tai...How about Monsieur Bon Vivante?

  3. Oh Uh Uh. Without doubt he is the most Chaz lookin' lizard on the block. You know the type~ dressed to the nines and not a scale out of place, he's the center of attention and way too cool for school dude.

    Yep. Chaz.

    He is awesome and if you don't believe it, just ask him.

  4. Great Start ladies, love your names and characterizations. I may have to write a little story about him next week!! Thank you for your participation.

  5. How about Finnback McDragon? I love the snaggle teeth!


  6. For his extraordinary use of color, why not Lizardo da Vinci?


  7. Supertechnicolor lizard! I love him! I'd have him perched on top of my computer screen all the time!


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