Saturday, September 18, 2010

Autumn is almost here in Las Vegas...

Fall in Las Vegas is a breath of fresh air.  

We have just finished enduring anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks of triple digits 
and although the occasional 103 or 4 may be reached the night time cools everything down.  Unfortunately the pool cools too and our blood is so thin now 
that 69 degrees feels like the glacier waterfalls we would jump into 
up in Washington State because we were young and crazy. 
I love when we can open the windows at night and feel the cool fresh air.  
 I am switching my color palette to those warm autumn hues. 
This art quilt, "Autumn Dreams"  has been in my Etsy shop for awhile
but I just redid the pictures and it looks so much better photographed outside. 
I love all the texture I was able to achieve with the yo-yos, halloween burn out fabric, free-motion quilting
The gold and variegated threads really show up in sunlight and the angle makes a difference.
  I took a Tarot class a few years back and still use my two decks. 
I have been making Tarot bags like my own with fall colors. 
 I have a very dear friend who has a September birthday who received one 
and here is another with lighter shades added. 
Football season has commenced and so my husband, 
a avid Patriots Fan watches all the shows 
so I  have been pretending to watch while I stitch up 
lots of crocheted fingerless gloves 
(in my "Tom Brady Shirt" for good luck).  
They will be ready for 
The Mt. Charleston Fair #2 
on November 21st from 10-4 pm 
for my local friends. 
Hope to see you all there we might even have a little snow!!
I handmade the buttons from polymer clay and used alcohol inks to make them look like ceramic buttons.

I added my own twist to a very fun and feminine version 
of a pattern from Crochet Magazine Sept 09 issue.
There is a lot more I have been doing but I am going to save some for my next post!  
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 


  1. It doesn't feel like fall here yet, but I love the cool color palette.


  2. I wish the weather over here had made triple figures,never had much of a summer here in scotland, it's rained since july. loving the fingerless gloves.

  3. I'm looking forward to fall as well, as long as we have a nice looong fall, not a three day season! Love your fingerless gloves, very Victorian with an edge!

  4. Thanks ladies, I am making a lot of these gloves with little variations for my next Craft Fair. Right now I am working on a variegated yarn to die for in jewel tone blues and purples. I also have two pairs in deep red.


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