Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Lucky Winner is......

Marge B from RockCreekCreations!!!! 
She will hopefully send me some pictures of the beautiful cuffs she plans on making with some of these supplies!  
Marge, please send me your shipping info and I will get your fiber treasure in the mail on Monday!! 

Polymer Clay Play Day- all by myself...

So yesterday was a polymer clay day which takes me into the wee hours from first thing in the morning most times. I have been chomping at the bit to try a new technique which was demoed at my local guild meeting on Monday night; Cob beads and the Exkat Alignment technique. I needed to choose 4 colors; two lights and two darks.  I hated my first colorway so I doused it with gold mica powders.
The second is more to my liking.  These have not been sanded and buffed yet so they look dirty and a little rough. Once I get that done I will decide if I want to keep them matte finish or gloss them up.
Then they will go in my shop for Valentine Gifts.
I  always think I can whip up a few new things and quit
but once I get started I end up trying to use up my scraps and the best things start to happen.
Next thing I know my husband has gone to bed and the last batch is still baking in the oven at midnite!! So blurry eyed this morning I am took these pictures.  Sorry about the quality it is too bright outside.
Hearts for Valentines Day items were in my plan but the best ones I think are the last which used up my scraps and orange gold from my first colorway pressed into a Mokume Gane block.  I love how the gold clay shadows when texturized in these pieces.

In the Fiber Department-

I taught my second crochet class at Gail Knits this past week and have a wonderful little group of ladies who are very interested in learning to do the hairpin lace I am enthralled with at the moment and free form crochet.  I love it when you get to make a living doing what you are passionate about and share that enthusiasm with other people.  I am thrilled that they are risk takers and creative thinkers!! Thank you
Dinah, Lisa and Melissa- You are inspiring me!! 

In the Beading Department- Bead Soup
(click on the Pink Bead Soup and take a moment to check out Lori's hilarious post about the preparations for her Bead Soup Party)
It is in the making and I  found out who my Bead Soup Partner will be!!!  You can take  a peek at Angela's blog here: I am looking forward to the challenge, the fun and all the inspiration- 210 people are involved this time Woo Hoo!!!! 
 Happy Weekend Everyone. 


  1. Oh you made some pretties!!!! I love them! Congrats on your start of Bead Soup I can't wait to see what you make!

  2. Oh WOW! I'm so excited! Of course I will show you what I've made with the goodies!! I can't wait!

    I'm emailing your gmail with my address.


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