Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Ingredients for some really delicious soup have arrived!!

Good Morning to my fellow beaders!! 
Angela's bead soup ingredients are here!!
 I missed one little tissue wrapped item when I opened the package the other day. 
It was the best surprise ever when I began my photo shoot this morning. 
I unwrapped this amazing wooden bird!! 
Now my Muse is talking to me because she wants the bird to be the center of attention.  
I also love the brass leaf bead caps, that beautiful gold and red ribbon and the chandelier glass.  
I am thinking I have enough to make several items here.  
Hope to get started today because I have a busy week and it will fly by. (Pun Intended) 
I should have taken pictures of the package all wrapped up but I couldn't wait.
There was this little text covered flower and leaf on the outside I hope to incorporate in the design too.  
See what I mean about the bird- she wants all the attention too! LOL
She looks quite plump. 
I'm  thinking she is looking to gather up things to build a nest so she can lay her eggs.
After all spring is right around the corner. 
Almost forgot to show you the gold clasp and this cool little brass medalion piece.  
So many little inspirational pieces are tucked into this stash. 
Come back Saturday, Feb 26th to see the first of the Bead Soup Reveals 
and Blog Hop to your heart's content!! 
Tweet, tweet!! 
PS I have opened a second ETSY SHOP for my fiber art items.  
Thanks to Heather Powers at Humble Beads I was able to quickly create new banners with Picnik.
You can now shop Aquariart for fiber art, knit, crochet, art quilts...
and Heatherp22 for Polymer Clay items and Jewelry. 
Please bear with me while I move all the fiber items- this takes a long time. 
If you had a favorite fiber item please go to Aquariart and favortie it again 
as I lose all my stats in this transfer. 
I am determined to get organized (an extreme challenge for me) this year.
Thanks for stopping by!!  


  1. Heather! I'm so happy that you like your bead soup, I made for you. I started with the golden beads, they were purchased at The Prairie's Edge, in Rapid City, South Dakota. Here's their web page We went on vacation there about 3 years ago and I got them. They carry a ton of vintage Italian beads they bought out, from an old factory in Italy. You might be able to read the story about it on their website. I love to purchase old costume jewelry and tear it apart, thus the bird, was a pin and I took the pinback off of it, meaning to use it as a focal point. I also love the antique chandelier crystal and couldn't choose just ONE! So I sent both. The antique burgundy beads, I bought in Maryland, I wasn't sure if you could use them in a jewelry piece as the package claims it's for "needlework" projects? The recycled Indian Silk Sari, I bought from Linda & Opie of Burnt Offerings, in their etsy shop. The little antique vintage medallion, I can't remember where I got??? They were in a little package together... Artchix? or Susan Lenart Kazmer? I don't remember. I can't wait to see what you create with your Bead Soup! Have fun with it!!!! Hugs, Angela

  2. Oh, looking again at your pictures? The little crystal textured button is also antique...and the yellow button is old too. Hmm... guess you got a bunch of old stuff! ha ha... just my style! What I wonder is, what is the difference between "vintage" and "antique"?

  3. Ha! AND the little stem with rhinestones on the ends, I purchased at The Assemblage Studio in Green Bay, WI. Another vintage find!

  4. Hi, Angela, Thanks for all the info about the beads. I unfortunately am old enough to know the difference between vintage and antique. I believe anything over 100 years old is considered antique- at least that was how it worked on the East Coast where everything is older. Vintage is about 50 years old meaning from the 50's, 60's, 70's-" The Hippy Era"! And now you know I am an old hippie thus the bohemian funky look that is my style. I will dig up the info on your beads and comment on your site. I have already made 2 necklaces and a pair of earrings with the soup!! Can't wait to show them off!!

  5. That bird is amazing! And I love how your partner told you where things came from -- they have a story, and I love jewelry that has a story. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  6. What a great mixture. Can't wait to see what you have done with this wonderful soup!

  7. Gorgeous soup there Heather.
    Love the bird and vintage elements.
    Will be looking to see how you put it all together, you have a very interesting style... Sat is nearly here!


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