Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's My Birthday I can SMIILE if I want to and I want to!!

I am basically a teenager inside a slightly pruning body.
I haven't changed much have I?Maybe I need to shave more, what hormones?
I am anxiously awaiting my bead soup ingredients from my partner!! 
Keep waiting for the doorbell to ring and the package of goodies to arrive.
Stay posted for some great soup, Bead Soup that is.  
Here is a little beady goodness.
I made the deadline for the Jan ABS Challenge!
This is the inspiration from the Art Bead Scene Challenge for January.
Click on the link above to see the February Challenge.
Maybe you want to give it a try. 
One of my goals this year is to  do every challenge. 
I used polymer clay for the art beads; hearts, 
free-motion stitched and then painted muslin
and real suede as the lining for the Cuff. 
Silk ribbon suspends the heart bead in the necklace.  
I know these are not the usual Valentine colors but 
that's what I am about- something unique and interesting.
Also with Polymer Clay I created a winged creature for the PCAGOE Challenge.
This doubles as an entry for my Art Quilt Group Challenge-"Shelter" for Feb too!
"My Angel Shrine"
for more about this go to my polymer clay page.
Life is good, 
yes it is 
and I feel happy deep down inside 
where all the negativity in the world outside can't penetrate.  
That is the best birthday gift ever! 
Life is simple when you have that peaceful feeling, 
love and acceptance for yourself and others. 
This could last for days or maybe just a few more moments 
but I am grateful to feel it right now. 
I have had good and bad years, experiences, relationships....
but I have learned from all of it that the good is never really good 
unless you have a little bad thrown in there to remind you how good it is. 
I am learning to focus my mind on the good 
and use that to get through what seems to be bad 
but actually is motivating and pushing me forward to: 
"NO FEAR" my mantra.   
So, I am now eligible for some of the senior discounts out there, 
not sure what they are as I really don't consider myself senior yet. 

When I am dancing my heart out in my Zumba class I feel like I am 20 again without the need for make-up, pimple cream, birth control or a sweaty muscly man.
Here is one of my Zumba teachers in action.
I missed class this day so you won't see me. 
Who could ask for more!  
You really should try out a class-
 An hour of Aerobic exercise has never been this fun and gone by so fast!
Of course a few hours later my feet, spine and compressed neck 
let me know if I over did it but I keep dancing.  
I figure as long as I keep moving those years can't catch up to me. 
Move On Everyone with joy- NO FEAR !! 


  1. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Heather!! Hope you have been having a good day and I get to stay in touch with you again soon.


  3. A little late, but deep from the bottom of my heart: Happy Birthday. May the new year be a great one.


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